Leveraging Cypress beyond Functional Testing

Marie Drake


Cypress is currently one of the most popular test automation frameworks out there in the JavaScript community. With so many plugins that it can integrate to, we can actually leverage Cypress beyond just testing our application’s functionality – whether it’s accessibility, performance or visual testing. If you are working on a front end application, visual testing is a great one to add in your testing strategy. In this talk, I will specifically talk about what visual testing is, share the importance of doing visual testing, and how you can easily test the look and feel of your application by leveraging…....

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About Me!

Marie Drake is the Quality Engineering Manager at Zoopla. Previously she worked as Principal Test Automation Engineer at News UK. Previously, she was a test automation consultant. As a woman in tech, Marie works to encourage more women to join the industry by giving talks at industry events. When not working and writing, Marie likes to read, watch Netflix, do embroidery, and look after her three-year-old daughter, who sometimes attends (and sings at) meetups.

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