AMA with Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham, Test Automation guru, creator of the test automation patterns wiki and co-author of five books on test automation will answer your questions on all things automation during this live session with EuroSTAR Huddle. In this session you get your chance to ask Dorothy anything about software testing and in particular, automation. What are the questions you would like to put to a veteran of over 30 years of test automation? Join the session and learn from Dorothy as she answers your questions; big and small.   This talk is part of the EuroSTAR Deep Dive Week – Automation…....

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About Me!

Dorothy has been in software testing for 50 years, and has written 5 books on testing. She developed the Test Automation Patterns wiki with Seretta Gamba. Dorothy was also Programme Chair for EuroSTAR in 1993 (the first) and 2009, and have attended all but one of the EuroSTAR conferences.

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