Ignite Your Testing! Be Inspired by the Best in Testing!

EuroSTAR Conferences are excited to announce the return of the September Webinar Series and this time we want to ignite your testing!

This September we would like to fuel your testing passion over 4 days with 5 great testing minds. From the 23rd-26th of September, join us for an inspiring week of powerful learning.


Using Quality Characteristics for Powerful Testing & Reporting

On Monday the 23rd, last year’s programme chair Rikard Edgren will be joined by Henrik Emilsson with their webinar Using Quality Characteristics for Powerful Testing and Reporting  In this webinar, Henrik and Rikard will discuss the same topics as in their upcoming EuroSTAR tutorial Using Quality Characteristics for Powerful Testing and Reporting. A lesson we should all remember is that testing is never better than the communication of the results. We can’t wait to welcome Rikard and Henrik to Prague this year, to read more about their tutorial please have a read here.

Reality Driven Testing

On Tuesday we are joined by 2018 Keynote speaker Rob Sabourin. In this webinar, Reality Driven Testing, Rob shows agile team members how to identify tests based on reality. He seeks out relevant testing ideas based on what is really being changed in the technological solution. He finds ideas based on what the user really does in the workplace and he discovers rich test ideas based on the real target environments. Delegates learn many excellent strategies to identify, prioritize, and implement reality driven testing. They will ferret out important bugs that really matter eliminating the need for downstream rework.

Cloud Native Transformation Patterns

This webinar, Cloud Native Transformation Patterns with Pini Reznik, will tell the story of a typical enterprise as it undertakes a cloud migration and, in the process, show the differences between Waterfall, Agile and Cloud Native approaches. The story, drawn from real-world migration projects, demonstrates a transformation design and reveals related patterns as it progresses, including failures along the way. Cloud Native is a bigger change than most people think….

A Whole Team Approach to Testing in DevOps

We are delighted to be working with Lisa Crispin during this series. DevOps is all about supporting frequent delivery of small, valuable changes to production in a way that is routine and undramatic. DevOps is a hot buzzword, but many teams struggle with how testing fits in, keeps up, and contributes to the DevOps culture. In this webinar, Lisa will demystify testing in DevOps by explaining basic terminology and concepts. She will introduce tools and frameworks that help teams learn how to do the testing activities that give them confidence for continuous delivery and deployment.

We hope you can join us for this remarkable week of testing. We hope this webinar series will have you burning with excitement and rekindle that testing flame! Sign up!

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