Using Quality Characteristics for Powerful Testing and Reporting

Rikard Edgren & Henrik Emilsson

Nordic Medtest

In this webinar, Henrik and Rikard will discuss the same topics as in their upcoming EuroSTAR tutorial Using Quality Characteristics for Powerful Testing and Reporting. Have I really understood who the stakeholders are? Do I know what they value? Are my test strategies aligned with that? What information can I give them? Part 1 – Understanding the animal Analysing quality characteristics of a product in a specific context, in order to come up with reasonable and valid values that the product would possess. Part 2 – Investigation party Based on the quality characteristic analysis, we can focus on some of…....

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About Me!

Rikard Edgren describes himself as a humanistic and technical tester since 1998, specialized in generalities like test strategy and exploratory testing. Thus far Rikard has had eight speaking appearances at EuroSTAR and was a winner of the Best Conference Tutorial Award in 2014, and Programme Chair in 2018. Rikard is a member of the think-tank The Test Eye, co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, author of The Little Black Book on Test Design and Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi and a contributor the EuroSTAR’s recent publication ‘The Little Book of Testing Wisdom‘. Rikard currently works as Test expert at Nordic Medtest, Karlstad, Sweden, working with Swedish healthcare infrastructure.

Henrik Emilsson have a long and broad experience in the software testing field and currently holds the position as Test Strategist at Nordic Medtest in Sweden. He is one of the founders of the think tank The Test Eye (; co-founder of the Swedish test conference Let’s Test; and have arranged two SWET-meetings (Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing). He has been a speaker at EuroSTAR (2005, 2012, 2016), CAST (2011), and several other conferences. Henrik has created a two-year course in software testing (college of higher vocational studies) where he also was a teacher. He has also been teaching on several other courses, including in Software Test Design at Karlstad University. Other engagements worth mentioning is his two-time appearances in the EuroSTAR TestLab, and co-founder of the local chapters of SAST (Swedish Association for Software Testing) in Gothenburg and Karlstad.

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