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Working Well with Test Design Techniques and Test Approaches

Date of Webinar: 20/08/2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do you know what the coverage of your tests is? Do your stakeholders get confidence based on the information supplied by your tests? This webinar will help you get your test preparation in order.

A key concern of testers is how to spread the testing efforts over the test object in such way that testing will be an optimal mix of effectiveness and efficiency.  Based on the risk-level the tester(s) decide on the test intensity needed. And to achieve that test intensity, test approaches and test design techniques are used. But there are very many approaches and techniques. So which do you choose?  In this webinar we discuss the experience-based approaches (e.g. exploratory testing) and the coverage-based approaches (test design techniques divided in 4 groups: Process, Condition, Data and Appearance).
The key focus of people involved in testing must be to choose the right mix of approaches and techniques so that the stakeholders will have adequate information to establish the confidence that the information system will be able to deliver the expected business value.

We will show examples of how to mix approaches and techniques and will also explain that you don’t need to know ALL techniques as long as you know at least one technique per group, so you’ll be able to vary your testing efforts according to the challenges the test objects brings you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Preparing your testing by using experience based and coverage based approaches
  • Use Test design techniques from each of the 4 groups: Process, Condition, Data and Appearance based techniques
  • Work well on your test preparation by always combining approaches and techniques
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Rik Marselis

Rik Marselis is a testing expert at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He is a well-appreciated presenter, trainer, author, consultant and coach in the world of testing.

Currently Rik works together with Leo van der Aalst on a completely new vision on testing. But we’ll integrate the valuable practical knowledge that was generated in the past decades. Test design techniques often still apply today, but the way to select and combine them differs. We expect to publish the new vision a website by Q4 of 2019 and in a book early 2020. So this eBook and webinar are a preview!

Rik supported many organisations and people in improving their testing practice by providing useful tools & checklists, teaching in workshops and training courses, practical support and having in-depth discussions. As a fellow of SogetiLabs (Sogeti’s R&D network), Rik researches the testing profession and the implications that the DevOps culture poses on testing.

Rik is very active in the world of testing. He was an ISTQB board member for 6 years and a TestNet board member for 9 years (including 5 years as chairman).

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