Hiring App Developers – A Guide for your Business

Application development requires multiple resources, and human resource is one of the most essential on the list. Hiring app developers can be difficult. To hire an app developer, organisations have to spend a lot of time and cost, and still, there’s a probability of not finding the accurate resource. However, you can eliminate this probability by going through the below-provided steps.

In addition, you will get to know how much it costs to hire an app developer. As a result, you will become efficient in finding the best application developer for current and upcoming projects.

Primary Approaches to hire App Developer?

For collaborating with a developer to craft your business application, there are three primary mechanisms that you must consider.

In-House Team

The first approach is hiring an in-house development team that will work directly under your guidance.

It can be a time-consuming task, as you have to hire a full-fledge team and pay them monthly and provide all the necessary company reimbursements.

Although, you will have complete control of every operation and assign them a new project until they are under the employment agreement. If you have a long-term project, an in-house team can be a reliable option.



You have to collaborate with a third-party IT firm providing development services in the outsourcing approach.

Under this, you sign a development agreement, and your partner company handles all the operations, from planning to developing and testing to maintain the solution.

Nowadays, outsourcing is the most popular approach among industry leaders, as it saves cost and makes the organization hassle-free from handling the development process.

In addition, it depends on your requirement, whether you want to hire third-party services for a limited period or a long-term, and you can manage your expenses accordingly.


There are various platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr, where you can post your requirements and hire developers on an hourly and milestone basis.

When you hire a Freelance developer, you employ the person for a specific task.

For example, if you employ a developer to link the database, you cannot ask the person to modify other back-end components. You have to specify your needs and pay the Freelancer accordingly.

Likewise, you can sign a contract with Freelancer to develop an overall application.

Many organizations consider it an efficient approach for short-term projects.

Hire App Developer

For employing an app developer for your software project, you should go through every below-listed step.

As a result, you will find a reliable development team or an individual developer according to your business requirements and project goal.

Let’s start with the hiring procedure.


Step 1: Define your requirements

Before starting to find a software engineer, you have to define your project requirements, which must include:

  • The type of application you want. Whether you want to create a mobile app, desktop app, browser-based solution, or hybrid application.
  • Which technology do you want to utilize? It will help you fill the appropriate developer need, as you will have clarity on whether to find a .NET developer, Node JS developer, or any other.
  • Whether you want a single developer to fill a vacant space or need a full-fledge development team, it will aid you in selecting between outsourcing, in-house, and freelance hiring.

Once you have a clear insight into your fundamental business needs, you have to list them down and accelerate the process to the next phase.

Step 2: Perform Market Research and Analysis

After completing the first step, you have to search various online sources to discover organizations and individuals providing the services you want.

You can post your requisites on LinkedIn, Upwork, Freelancer.com, and other websites. Moreover, you can directly contact the development service providing companies, which can help you with consultation and other vital operations.

While searching over the internet, you can get plenty of companies and freelancers ready to partner with you to furnish a cutting-edge business solution.

Step 3: Check Portfolio and Shortlist

Following the hiring procedure, you have to check the portfolio of development companies to understand their expertise and experience.

Likewise, you must evaluate the portfolio of freelancers and job applicants. After assessing the portfolio, you should verify their skills with your requirements and shortlist the most authentic developers for an interview.

Step 4: Interview Developers

Interviewing a developer is never a single-stage process, as you have to examine analytical, reasoning, communication, and programming skills.

You must always conduct a face-to-face interview with the Freelancer and other candidates and provide them with a programming task to complete within a time limit.

In addition, you can also interview outsourcing company developers to evaluate their hands-on skills.

Step 5: Finalise and Sign NDA

It is the last step in-app developer hiring procedure, in which you finalize the offer and sign Non-disclosure and other relevant documents. You have to evaluate the results of the interview stage and select the most appropriate resource for app creation.

Besides this, you should agree with the budget, timeline, and services under the agreement you will be signing. After completing all these steps, you will have a well-founded app developer.

How much does it cost to hire an App Developer?

The average cost of hiring a developer depends upon the complexity of your application.

However, you can get an accurate idea of hiring costs by evaluating the below graph. Cost is different in every country, which the highest benchmark of USD 120K in the USA and an average of USD 7K in India.

Application Development Cost

Wrapping Up

Hiring an app developer is a time-consuming and complex task. However, you can simplify it by following a streamlined process, covering all the essential processes, from planning to finalizing the developer.

Before hiring, you must be clear about your requirements, always view the portfolio, and examine the practical skills of an engineer.

In addition, you must pick out whether you want an in-house team, an outsourcing company, or a freelancer for the project. Once you have all the information and follow the process, you will get a productive and dedicated app developer.

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