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    We already have a really diverse and busy webinar schedule for 2015 but there’s still room for more. In August we have a free webinar slot and we want YOU to pick the topic! Below are the topics that are already being covered this year. What topic are we missing?

    Skills – Rikard Edgren
    Security – Declan O’Riordan
    Test Techniques – René Tuinhout
    Agile – Fran O’Hara, Henrik Rexed, Jan Jaap Cannegieter & Bob Galen
    Cloud – Jonathon Wright
    Systems – Shmuel Gershon (May 2015)
    Mobile – Eran Kinsbruner, Stephen Janaway & Jon Hagar (June 2015)
    Augmented Reality – Nandan Chhabra (July 2015)
    Programming – Graham Thomas & Phill Isles (September 2015)
    DevOps – Rob Lambert (September 2015)
    Big Data – Adam Knight (September 2015)
    Internet of Things – Professor Andy Stanford-Clark (September 2015)
    Security – Paco Hope
    Best of EuroSTAR 2015 – TBC (November 2015)
    Automation – Kim Herzig, Dorothy Graham, Mark Tomlinson & Jared Richardson (December 2015)

    I look forward to reading your feedback 🙂


    Hi Daragh,

    I’d like to see a webinar specifically focusing on API testing, touching on the following subjects:

    • what is API testing?
    • benefits of API testing over UI testing (especially when it comes to test automation)
    • the test automation pyramid
    • tools for API testing
    • functional and non-functional API testing
    • mocks, stubs and service virtualization

    Thanks Bas. Any other suggestions guys?


    I’m organizing a Test Event in Florianópolis, Brazil. The event is cost free. I was wondering is someone might be interested on hosting a webinar for it?



    I’d like to see a webinar about testing with the end user in mind. i.e. Requirements are all well and good, but at the end of the day the customer doesnt’ always know what they actually want or can’t express it. When the product is delivered to them, unless we deliver what they want it’s ‘shelfware’.

    Testers should engage with end users and find out what they expect the product to do and what they want to do with it and how they want to do it.
    This is not just the domain of UAT, but the responsability of all testing.


    Hi darag,
    Why the video is in vimeo, I can’t watch the video. Here in Indonesia vimeo is forbidden. I can’t watch video above in your list.
    can you upload to youtube or other media please? I want to learn everything about testing.
    You and this community is great place to learn about testing more.

    Best regards.


    Hello Daragh,

    I can see we’ll be having agile covered, I’d really like to hear about How to size PBIs/User stories effectively? Have been using the agile methodology for a long time but one issue that we always seem to have is PBIs that are Large or XL+ are often under estimated. We then end up working all hours to try hit deadline and take a risk based approach to the testing, Breaking items down to a more detailed view for a more accurate estimation takes a long time and we cant afford it. Any tips or views on this would be handy… 😉



    Hi everyone. I’m really enjoying the range of topics being thrown at me. Keep them coming 🙂

    Ery, we post our webinar videos to YouTube also. You can see them here


    I would like to see a webinar by Paul Gerrard. He is also speaking at the EuroStar (he will do a half day workshop).
    A webinar about his ideas of Test Models and his Test Axioms would be pretty interesting, with more examples as in his book “The testers pocketbook”.
    Also it would be a great benefit if people are thinking about to attend to his workshop in the end of the year.

    As second I would love to the a webinar about Continouos Inspection via SonarQube. Not a lot of people are talking about that topic as far as I know.



    Daragh and Roberta,
    I’d be interested in presenting a webinar on how to “Be an Instant Expert–Test More Thoroughly in Less Time using Reusable Test Designs.”

    Robin F. Goldsmith, JD advises and trains business and systems professional on risk-based Proactive Software Quality Ass


    I would like to see on the following topic

    Agile test techniques and Test management in agile environment.
    API test vs UI tests
    How to test UI that regularly changes.
    Release/Regression testing in agile environment.



    I would be excited to listen to James Bach on his theme “Rapid software testing”



    Hi Daragh,

    Test Techniques and Agile was already covered, and I liked very much those webinar.
    I would like to hear something about Continuos Testing (should be a DevOps branch) and BDD (should be a Programming branch).
    I’m actually interesting in these two topics due to a transition-to-agile in my company, so as QA we’re facing a deep mindset&skills change.

    Thanks for your awesome work!


    Hi Daragh, I would like to hear about some different ways to provide test metrics in Agile – especially FVT metrics. There are some managers that still can’t get past the percentage metrics, and use the stories/tasks. I would also like to hear how others keep track of test records that might be useful for audits.



    Robin that sounds interesting. Does anyone else have a topic that they’d like to present in a webinar? We’re keeping track of all your suggestions. I think that a webinar on software testing in gaming would also be interesting.

    Thanks Marzio for your kind words 🙂



    I think following can be included in a webinar included all the suggestions given above:

    Practical Advice on Testing
    Thought-leading Insights into DevOps, Mobile, Management, Communication, Agile
    Promote test automation and to exchange experiences on how to implement it



    Hi daragh,
    I would like to learn more about how experienced tester manage their test scenarios and test cases.
    I would like to learn more about how experienced tester report their testing process other than bug report tool. Is there any standard operational that I can follow?

    Thank you.


    Hi, Daragh,

    Currently my organization emphazising on Agile approach.

    This approach is quite “agile”, but what I observe the latest approach from all the experts are: we try to formularize it, make it more systematic and easier to follow.

    Now, my organization still using waterfall concept, having a fix release, but, we do incorporate agile approach.

    Hence it is a combine approach.

    I do want to learn from the expert, what else we can think out of the box, to reach to another level?


    Thank you, Daragh for all the hard work.

    I learnt a great deal!



    Hello Daragh,

    I would be interested in a session on exploring the visual regression space that is developing.
    Different tools like (Amplitude Eyes, Backstop.js, Gemini.js, different frameworks based on imagemagik)
    How these impact different testing types.
    – Functional testing, how assertions might change
    – Mobile testing

    Thanks for asking!



    Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe you have done so already but we have three webinars next week on mobile testing so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already:


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