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[Webinar] The Connect between Augmented Reality and Software Testing

29/07/2015 - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Today, with the advancement in technology, ubiquitous computing and omnipresence of the internet go hand in hand. This combination has radically impacted our standard of living, that it has become indispensable to our lives. One such technology gaining prominence in this combination, is ‘Augmented Reality‘.

Augmented Reality is a fast growing market and for us as testers it is very important to understand two things – firstly, what it means to test Augmented Reality applications and secondly, how Augmented Reality can be leveraged to make the testing process more productive and efficient.

The webinar will cover a range of topics including history and popular examples of Augmented Reality, what technologies are at play, what it takes to test Augmented Reality including specific test attributes that would be more relevant, leveraging Augmented Reality in testing, challenges at play, mitigating challenges as well as best practices, future of Augmented Reality and the role of a tester therein. Over the course of the webinar ample examples and demos on how Augmented Reality and software testing interlace will be presented to better comprehend and leverage the power of this new and emerging computing technology.


Key Takeaways:
1. Understand the potential and future of Augmented Reality (AR)
2. How do we as testers gear up to test AR applications with real world scenarios to enhance end user experience
3. How can we productively leverage AR to ease our jobs as testers


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