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Agile Webinars

The Real Agile Testing Quadrants

MichaelBolton JPGMichael Bolton (DevelopSense, USA)

Agile has exploded onto our screens but there is often turmoil around what “Agile Development” means. This webinar will offer a review and an update of the Agile Testing Quadrants as seen through the lens of Rapid Software Testing—an agile (but not necessarily Agile) approach. Michael will show how Agile development can—and should—be infused with testing that helps to identify and defend the value of the product while reducing the costs of development.

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The Role of the Tester in the Agile Enterprise

Malcolm-Isaacs-HP2Malcolm Isaacs (HP, USA)

As enterprises scale up their Agile adoption, the Agile feature teams must work in concert with many other teams! Recognize the different teams that make up the Agile enterprise, and their relationships to each other. Understand the role of the tester in each of these teams.

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Agile Test Management

Fran O’Hara (Inspire Quality Services, Ireland) fran-o-hara

With so much interest in Agile, a test manager might ponder as to the place of Test Management. Test Managers want to know what happens to their role when teams are self-empowered and what a test management process and test strategy looks like in an agile context. This video will discuss some of these key issues.

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Agile eBooks

Integrate Test Activities in Agile Projects integrate

Authors: Leo van Der Aalst (Fontys University, Netherlands) & Rik Marselis (Sogeti, Netherlands)

In traditional testing a tester distinguishes various phases. To be able to effectively test in Agile projects the test activities should not be phased but be properly integrated in an Agile approach.

This eBook starts with a vision on Agile testing and, based on that, describes how to effectively integrate test activities in the Scrum approach.


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Testing in Scrum – A Guide for Software Quality Assurance in the Agile World 

The Three

Tilo Linz (Imbus AG, Germany)

This eBook contains an extract from the book: Testing in Scrum – A Guide for Software Quality Assurance in the Agile World by Tilo Linz. The Book – from a project and test-management perspective – explains how software testing and quality assurance works in agile environments. This is explained in the context of Scrum and is illustrated in a case study.


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The Three Pillars of Agile Quality & Testing 

The Three Pillars of Agile Quality & Testing

 Bob Galen (Velocity Partners, USA) & Mary Thorn

Mary Thorn and Bob Galen are working on a new agile testing book to be published in Q4 2014 – Q1 2015. It will focus on a framework for guiding organizational and

team transformation from more traditional quality and testing strategies to those more conducive to the agile methodologies. They have found that this transition to be:

1. Difficult and challenging under the best of conditions

2. Often it has a development or technical-centric quality and testing is “left behind”

3. Often the quality and testing folks don’t understand how to drive the strategic change;

4. And most often, there is an imbalance in the applied practices that inhibits true agile performance and delivery.

They are including the Three Pillars Introduction chapter and Three Pillars Applied chapter in this eBook as a means of introducing you to the pillars and giving you sufficient ideas to start changing your agile strategies. It will immediately change the way you look at quality and testing tactics and strategies when you’re trying to “go Agile”.

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Agile Blog Posts

Agile Adoption – Is Agile QA Good for Testing?

Pavan Kumar (ClicTest, India)Pavan

The growing need for quicker and adaptive solutions to technology related problems is pushing software firms to adopt the agile methodology.Organizations consider agile software development process to be a faster way to produce products, thereby reducing the market time. But there is both good and bad implications for QA.

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Usability Testing In Agile: Best Practice And How To Mix & Match DIY Usability Testing

 Katsiaryna Sidarenka (EPAM Systems, Belarus) Katsiaryna Sidarenka

Putting aside all the metaphorical aspect of this subject we can add that today’s User is a key element that influences and determines the value of a product and Usability testing. This post will examine Usability testing and how to carry our DIY Usability Testing.

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How Loose Requirements Can Make Your “Agile” Project Sink As Fast As A Swedish Warship

Ulf Eriksson (ReQtest, Sweden) Ulf Eriksson

Gone is the era of size being might. Contemporary business houses believe in early delivery, reach the end customer first and capture market. There are umpteen examples available. Size need not be the only criteria…

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