In today’s fast-paced software development and delivery world, it’s increasingly important for software testers to have at least some knowledge of test automation. The demand for delivering “Quality at Speed” requires testers to search for solutions in Agile, continuous integration (CI) and DevOps methodologies.

Good testing involves a variety of approaches and there are many articles here on EuroSTAR Huddle debating manual versus automated testing. Automation can help with testing efficiency and re-usability of test suites and it is here to stay.

If you want to learn more about test automation – or improve your current automation processes – our testing community is here to help. We’ve gathered lots of excellent eBooks and webinars provided by test automation experts within the EuroSTAR community.

This Test Automation hub will be regularly updated to help give you insights, tips & tricks on mastering your test automation.



Test Automation Webinar

Journey from Rookie Tester to Senior Test Automation Expert

Jani Haapala

In Jani’s journey from rookie tester learning the MacGyver tricks, to automation expert methodically investigating the crime scene, Jani has had to invent three new concepts to overcome the challenges that he faced in this transformation – learn about them in this webinar.




Automated Software Testing Tools

Automation can help make your testing more efficient, but successful test automation starts with choosing the right tool for your project. There are lots of open-source and commercial automation tools out there – but finding the best one for you can be a difficult task. Our testing community is always on the hunt for the best resources, and regularly post articles on the best test automation tools.

But what if you can’t code? The World Quality Report 2019-2020 states that a lack of coding / programming skills is one of the top challenges that testers face when applying test automation to agile projects. This led to an increase in codeless automation testing tools. Essentially this means you can create automated tests without the need to physically write code.

Each year, EuroSTAR host the largest software testing expo in Europe with the world’s leading testing tool and services providers. This year EuroSTAR is going online and you can meet with a variety of different providers all in one virtual space. You can also connect with the wider EuroSTAR community and ask advice on tools they are using.



Test Automation Webinar

How To Use Selenium Successfully

Dave Haeffner

What is Selenium? Why should you use it? And how do you use it successfully? In this talk, Dave answers these questions as he steps through through the why, how, and what of Selenium, the open-source automated web-testing tool used by millions of people worldwide.






Making Test Automation Inclusive

Automation can be a minefield especially for non technical teams. Brendan Connolly, 2019 RisingSTAR Winner is developing the concept of ‘Inclusive Automation’ to help testing teams succeed. He is working with a global team of RisingSTAR mentors to bring this concept forward for the good of the testing community.

Overall, Brendan wants to foster, support and promote automation that integrates exploration, collaboration, monitoring/observability, reporting – and ultimately the human tester – into a holistic solution to help teams succeed in the agile/DevOps world. He recently hosted a webinar to explain the concept and his work to date. Take a look into this Journey to Inclusive Automation.

Automation is not a new kid on the block. There have been many incredible contributors providing help and guidance to software testers around test automation including Dot Graham and Seretta Gamba who created the Test Automation Patterns Wiki. This is well worth referring to as you delve into automated testing.



Test Automation eBook

How to Keep Your Test Automation Suite Fit

Bas Dijkstra

Learn about some of the most common reasons for test automation to get bloated, ensure you automate the right things, and examine a case study where the principles described in this eBook are applied.




Test Automation Webinar

Seven Ways to Ruin your Test Automation

Seretta Gamba

Seretta guides you on how to recognise test automation issues before they can do real harm, and get a get a set of proven solutions to those same issues. Plus, you’ll learn how to access and use the test automation patterns wiki.



Upcoming Test Automation Talks

The EuroSTAR Conference features the very best of test & quality experts each November. Join 1,000+ software testers, quality assurance professions, automation specialists, game changers and innovators and learn new skills to take your test automation to the next level.

We have speakers such as Niranjani Manoharan on her experience with automation at Lyft and Pinterest, more on developments in inclusive automation with Brendan Connolly, and a deep dive into the different areas of automation with Martin Gijsen – plus lots more!

See the EuroSTAR Programme.


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