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Do you want to become the best automation engineer that you can be? This pack shares the our most popular Test Automation content. We have been supplying our community with content for the last 25 years. Want to learn Test Automation? Here is How:






Huddle Blog

Our content is written by contributors with a great background in software testing. Every week, our blog is being updated with fresh content, including test automation. Have a look at our blog.

Huddle Blog




eBooks and Webinars

Along with our amazing authors that dedicate their time and effort into writing amazing tutorials and articles on software testing, Huddle also offers webinars and eBooks. People like Michael Bolton, Isabel Evans, Alan Richardson, Seretta Gamba and many more have joined the webinar to discuss their fields in the software testing world. Great eBooks and webinars on test automation can be found here:

eBooks and Webinars 




Huddle Forum

Do you need help with test automation? Our forum is active and ready to help you answer all the questions you need! Learn, ask and answer too! We have plenty of experienced, knowledgeable software testers on the forum.

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