The Journey Towards Inclusive Automation

Brendan Connolly

Procore Technologies

Brendan is the 2019 RisingSTAR Award Winner and is currently developing his idea of Inclusive Automation. The RisingSTAR Award is designed to stimulate innovation in the software testing and quality assurance industry. It was created to encourage the development of new ideas, support the growth of the community through mentorship and bring new innovators to the fore. Brendan’s idea of Inclusive Automation was voted best new idea in testing by the supporting group of influential testers and mentors spanning the globe.   Brendan wants to foster, support and promote automation that integrates exploration, collaboration, monitoring/observability, reporting and ultimately the human tester into a holistic solution to help teams succeed…....

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About Me!

Brendan Connolly is an experienced Software Tester, speaker and blogger based out of Santa Barbara, California. He has written tests at all levels from unit tests to API and UI tests and is responsible for creating and executing testing strategies while using his coding powers for developing tooling to help make testers lives easier. He maintains a testing blog at 

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