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Scrolls of Wisdom and Magic Incantations in Python

Date of Webinar: 26/06/2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes


There are plenty of free programming language tutorials out there online, but most of them have one problem in common. They all focus on only the nuts and bolts of the language itself. Let’s print “Hello World”, how do we assign a variable, what is a function, and how do I repeat stuff in a for-loop. This is all well and fine because we need the fundamentals of a programming language, but unfortunately it also leaves a lot of students wondering: “Well that’s great, but what can I actually use this for, and how can I apply this in my work?”

It’s easy to see how this can lead to a lack of motivation when undertaking something as challenging as learning a new programming language, maybe even in your own time at home after work hours. At best the tutorial takes the perspective of a developer and what they may need in their work roles… Testers however rarely need to learn how to implement a web front-end or simliar things.

In my class #PythonForTesters I not only teach students the nuts and bolts of Python, I also make sure we connect it to useful examples of what the language can be used for as a tester in our day to day work. Need to store files and testartifacts in the system? Maybe reading through multiple log-files looking for patterns and keywords while testing? How about testing through that REST API since the front-end isn’t fully developed yet but we still need to test regardless?

Join me in this webinar where I will show you several different short examples of what you can use Python for when working as a tester in your day-to-day activities.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn Python recipes/tools/inspiration to help you day-to-day
  2. Learn Python ideas on what testers/test developers can use Python for to help them with their thinking testing.
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Kristoffer Nordström

About Kristoffer Nordström

Kristoffer Nordström is a Test Developer that in his career has worked with technologies such as Telecommunications System, Distributed Compilers, Cloud technology, Smartphone OS development, Embedded systems, and much more. A testing devotee and a member of the Context-Driven test community who with his own company, consults and teaches the class Python for Testers because he believes in tools-assisted sapient testing.

Twitter: @kristoffer_nord

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