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    So the next game for our Birthday is the Treasure Hunt. I presume/hope you have played this game as a child.

    If not it’s very simple. I have selected the word CAKE and have hidden the letters in the TEST Huddle Forums.

    Each letter will be in a different thread, in one reply, in bold, in capital letters. They will appear like this:

    “This is an example of how the letters will appeAr”

    Find all four letters and message me their locations to claim your prize. You can contact me through the TEST Huddle mail here.


    It might seem like alot of searching so to narrow it down.
    There is one letter in the Software Testing Forum (on page 1)
    There is one letter in the Software Testing Forum (on Page 6)
    There is another letter in the Info and Off-Topic Forum.
    And the last letter can be found in the Learning to Test Forum.

    That should give you a head start.


    We have a winner already.

    Congratulations @Alex

    I thought it would take a little longer. Maybe I should’nt have given such easy clues.

    We will have another Treasure Hunt at 4pm.


    It’s the second of our treasure Hunts.

    Now I want you to find the words H U D D L E.

    Best of luck. No clues yet considering how quick the last hunt was.

    I would check all of the forums.


    Getting my prize ready Ronan? :mrgreen:


    @nicholas Just confirming your entry.

    Yes folks we may have a winner.


    Winner All Right.

    Congrats @Nick.

    Here are the locations of the letters:


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