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    This year at EuroSTAR, our Chair Ruud Tuenissen has suggested that there be special sessions at the Conference.

    The idea behind these special sessions is that they accommodate those type of events that are not a natural fit in the usual track sessions. Ruud has suggested that these sessions could include panel discussions, debates, active workshops, informal entertainment led talks. If it deals with testing, it will be considered.

    So what “Special sessions” would you like to see at EuroSTAR 2015? Do you have any ideas of your own or thoughts on panel discussions, debates you would like to see?


    I’m a fan of debates (common house style) – no surprise there, although it’s very dependent on who is attending if it’s going to be a success. A small group makes a good discussion, but might be very limited in views and opinions. There’s also the risk of ‘bloats’ attending; at one year an evening discussion at a EuroSTAR conference in Manchester (fishbowl style) started out excellent until it was ‘crashed’ by a ‘bloat’ somebody who takes over the floor with a strong opinion, doesn’t really respect the rules of engagement and doesn’t give room to other speakers.

    I’ve seen some excellent panel discussions, but I also seen some of them fail immensely….again mostly because of loud-mouths (other word for bloats).

    I’m currently puzzeling on a hike of about 5 km with some testing puzzles under way; depending on the answer you see a different route. If it’s done by 3 groups (3 moments with 1 guide during the conference) it is very cool to compary notes on the last day… still haven’t figured out the whole concept though…


    @Nathalie Indeed for any discussion to be successful, you need a good moderator all right. I like that concept about the hike and it sounds like a great idea. I would be even tempted to take part myself!


    I would like to see an active workshop concerning lateral/creative thinking and hacking (in relation to testing software – not intruding a network)



    @kasper what is the hacking concept you mention? I am not sure if I am misunderstanding it. Do you mean ethical hacking?


    @Kim, although I am Certified Ethical Hacker – that is not what I mean. I mean the original hacking mindset as pioneered at MIT in the sixties.
    The Request for Comments RFC 1392 amplifies this meaning as “[a] person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.”


    Hi guys,
    I would like to have a Fishboil about the subject “Is Testmanagement still needed in agile enviroments ?” or “How to become a Business Domain Expert”.
    Also I would like to have a tons of workshops. Testing Dojos, Exploratory Testing, Lateral/Creative thinking.
    I would like to have a talk about how to archieve overall quality in an agile enviroment.



    Hello fellow Testers.
    I would join Camal with suggestion for session on testing best practices in Agile development environment – it can cause quite a headache when testers are “forgotten” in whole process …


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