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    I’m looking for a new TV Programme/series to start watching.

    What would you recommend? The Wire? Breaking Bad? House of Cards? Game of Thrones?


    I started watching the wire on TV but I got frustrated waiting for each new episode so I got the box-set. I reckon I watched every episode over the space of two weeks. My eyes might have gone square from all the binge-watching but it was totally worth it 🙂

    Has anyone else seen it?


    Breaking Bad is a ‘must’ if you haven’t watched it already. Be warned though, don’t start the last season unless you have a good amount of spare time! One TV Show I did enjoy watching was “Touch” starring Kiefer Sutherland, to which I also did a review blog. It’s about the idea of universal connections with people being linked in inextricable ways and one event seemingly coincidentally leading into the next (though with the implication being that it wasn’t coincidental at all).
    These days I’m trying to find time for “Lost” and “Heroes” (and maybe finishing off “How I Met Your Mother” ).


    Currently watching ‘Orange is the new black’ on NetFlix; absolute jewel (explicit content) so far.

    Just finished ‘Breaking Bad’, took two weeks to finish all five seasons, loved the underwater current of psychological aspects, but note: the five seasons were also enough, shouldn’t have lasted longer.
    Wouldn’t have started watching the series if ‘American Horror Story’ had been published on Netflix, anxiously waiting for season three to come.
    Same for Banshee, Under the Dome and other favourites-in-progress: Black Sails (1 season so far) and Vikings (two seasons so far). Loved Rome, Tudors and TheBorgia’s and Borgia (both have the same theme but are performed by different actors, the one with Jeremy Irons is more popular version, but also less accurate). Also very good was ‘Pillars of the Earth’ (brilliant music by Trevor Morris, who seems to be writing for every series I like currently)

    Game of Thrones; not only hype, but truly earned. Mind though; it takes a year for each new season to arrive and once hooked…

    I have ‘Once’ on my still-to-watch shelf.
    I also loved the castle, CSI, Bones (till 4th season) series and I like to watch criminal minds, NCIS’s and criminal intent too. But I’m not a regular to those series nowadays as I used to. I think the stories become familiar, the plots more of the same and the ‘forensic techniques’ a bit more far-fetched now, but I still LOVE the special effects and makeups on those series.

    Loved BattleStar gallactica (new series) and Soprano’s (once I got through the first episodes).

    I couldn’t get through ’24’ and am curious about ‘2400’ and ‘lost’, but I haven’t heard much good about those, so in doubt there. Maybe when they are in the ‘free-to-watch’ zone on my decoder 🙂


    I’m a Detective/mystery show junky. I watch most shows on that subject. Favourites include Midsummer Murders, Supernatural and similar shows. I also tend to rewatch old favourties like X-files and Foyles War. I recently started to watch Twin Peaks all over again. It’s a timeless classic.


    Have any of you guys watched our Irish comedy series “Father Ted” . It is about three Irish priests exiled on an Island for various past incidents. It is real light hearted entertainment.

    Check out this episode and judge for yourselves


    I have been watching Silicon Valley lately. Has anyone seen it?

    It’s a brilliant little comedy about a young man who accidentally discovers a new compression software and then tries to build a company out of it. There are loads of in-jokes in the show relating to the industry, programming and even testing!

    The (adult language) trailer gives you a good idea of what the show is like:


    Chicago Fire, then the spin of Chicago PD. I got series 1 and 2 of a friend and ended up watching them every spare moment.


    Guys I have a great show for you to watch. It’s called Love/Hate and it’s Ireland’s answer to the Wire. You’ll find it on Netflix and it’s absolutely brilliant!!! There is only five seasons and about five or six episodes a season so you won’t be long getting through it (Weekend marathon! 😉 ).

    You’ll all have Dublin accents by the end of it ‘awww-rite’ 🙂



    That show sounds amazing Daragh!
    I am currently watching the U.S. version of the office. After a season it takes on its own charm and just makes me laugh.
    I also love house of cards and Dr house at the moment, 🙂


    The Americans – on NetFlix. A sitcom about a couple that are undercover USSR agents in the 1980’es US. Their neighbor is a FBI counter espionage agent, and their life as “travel agents” involve odd tasks for the KGB, while they still have very american life. Chuckle and Thrill, and a bit of history


    Is anyone watching Game of Thrones at the moment? I’m debating whether to start watching it or not! What do you think of it?


    Game of thrones is a must if you like fantasy.


    Really enjoying “The Night Of”

    Has anyone seen it yet?

    Here is the trailer


    Thanks for the tip, Daragh. I loved the Wire and as Love/hate is on Netflix so I’ll check that out

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    Big Bang Theory – and they come as a LEGO set too 😉


    The OA is getting a lot of praise lately.



    It’s a science fiction story. That’s all I will say. It is worth the watch if you have Netflix


    friends and 13 Reasons Why

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