DevOps in App Development: What You Need to Know

A huge rush to the mobile app marketplace left the industry in desperate need of a modern approach to development. DevOps provide a seamless delivery for every step in between the dev process from start to finish. Let’s explore why DevOps are becoming the best way to increase app quality while keeping costs down. 

DevOps Explained

DevOps is the latest trend in Android app development. This new approach to the development cycle of a mobile app provides a more fluid transition from start to finish than traditional waterfall processes. Agile software development stood as the most common way to develop a new app because the market was rushed into overdrive by a high-demand. Now that the app marketplace is more stagnant in its progress as an influence in technology, DevOps remains one of the most promising developments in the field. By emphasising collaboration across all aspects of a business, the end result is not just a technical success, but an organisational tool that tackles its goals more effectively.

Everyone from developers to project managers and operations staff tackle the dev cycle together. The whole team comes on board from the start to help cut down on cost, time spent in the development cycle, and to address concerns shared by customers and users. The “all hands on deck” approach also proves to be less stressful for the whole organisation. Rather than one branch of the team taking on all the tasks at once, everyone works simultaneously to collaborate together rather than work as islands unto themselves.


While the process is proving to be a huge help to mobile app development teams, the transition isn’t easy. Over 50% of developers say the transition to devops is difficult to manage. That said, the numerous benefits help incentivise making the switch to this more comprehensive development process. 

The Benefits of DevOps for App Development

DevOps has many benefits to the app developer. For starters, the collaborative nature of this approach leads to less time spent in development and a quicker arrival to release. DevOps involves quite a bit of automation as well, which aims to cut costs and human capital spent in favor of a more trusted framework for simple development steps. 

Another key benefit of DevOps is the simplification of resources. While some wonder if the whole team working at once might slow things down, it actually helps keep tasks clear and concise thanks to everyone focusing on their role. By ensuring everyone needs to operate together for full dev output, DevOps ensures the focused team and increased automation moves the project forward without added frills or hurdles.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that DevOps goes beyond changing the way developers work. Its primary function is a repurposing of the dev process, but the mindset and spirit of DevOps reworks the development team’s outlook on project management entirely. This new focus on teamwork and seamless operations builds team chemistry and ensures everyone is pulling their weight. 

Implementing DevOps for the Maximum ROI

The aim of DevOps isn’t only to improve the development process. The real target here is an improved end result and better return on investment for the final product. The increased innovation of this process drives a faster dev cycle and encourages more emphasis on teamwork. These both lead to better work completed in a shorter amount of time. Without the countless hurdles that agile software development encounters, the project is completed faster thanks to a more astute team.


Likewise, the increased focus on all parts involved in development lead to less changes and issues that parts of the team encounter as the project is passed around. The project managers’ involvement during the dev process ensures customer needs are being met while every element of the app is developed. Likewise, the reduced risk leads to even further reductions in cost and time spent fixing mistakes that are avoided entirely in DevOps. 


DevOps is more than just a trend in mobile app development. The reimagined approach to mobile app development leaves room for everyone involved to feel more engaged with the process. There are countless apps on the market today. The ones that make the real difference to users are full of the innovative and collaborative spirit that DevOps helps to build. Make the most of the app development cycle with DevOps to improve the experience for all.


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