Why dating with an IT guy is always a sweet choice?

Technical guys like me are considered quite nerdy and quiet sometimes, which makes many people be afraid that dating with me would be boring. But wait… I just tried researching on the topic “Why should I date an IT guy/ a software engineer/ a nerdy guy?”, there will be tons of results for you to believe dating an IT guy is kinda not a bad choice.

I’m writing this post to demonstrate that dating with an IT guy is always a sweet choice. Let’s see the sweet and interesting things that an IT guy could bring to your relationship.

Mr. Fix-it-all

Your computer is not working? They can easily figure out the issue, fix it, and even make it run faster. That’s their expertise, of course. Not only computer, they seem to know how to fix almost everything as they are extremely good at technical things. You’ll get your own handyman! Also, They are problem solvers in their job and in their lives; if something is wrong, they’ll work to fix it, even in their relationship.

Crazily smart guys!

They know the stuff inside out, and are keen to learn new things. So much knowledge inside their brains as they’ve adopted such a mentality since young. No challenge is too big for them. Don’t hesitate to ask your IT lover if you need things done. They are kind of passionate and focus people. They would put all their time, mind, and effort to the thing that has captured their hearts, like you!

They are intuitively logical and rational

If you two get into an argument, they will listen and admit they are wrong if you can properly prove that you are right. Sometimes the situation reverses if you are the one who is wrong.

Master of patience

Builds failing, code breaking, searching for a semicolon through countless lines of code, who could be more patient than a programmer?

Detail Oriented

Every girl wants to be noticed, doesn’t she? IT guys could do that as they are always paying attention to details. A tiny element could destroy their whole work, then every single letter in their code could matter, so are you!

IT men prefer long term relationship with their partners

As they experienced handing differences, sending codes for reviews, accepting the faults, and reworking. They, therefore, don’t want things to be changed that much.

It’s not hard to look for them

They are always on the internet and looking forward to meeting you! They could spend day and night working on their computer if there is nothing interest them more than that. Would you like to be the game-changer for his life?

Perfect listener

When you have a bad day and you would like to complain about something wrong in life, they are more than happy to be by your side. Even if you need someone to talk to late at night, they are the right ones thank to their habit of staying up the whole night long.

Those guys may be shy

They are normally quiet but supremely straightforward. If they’re feeling something, they’ll let you know directly. It may not be something you always want, but you must be happy that they are truthful to you.

Typical technical guys are usually told to be nerd and uncool. However, it’s just they don’t know how awesome they are until you help them recognize!

Does this article remind you of any nerdy and smart guy in your secondary and high school? He seemed to be shy, quiet and afraid of approaching girls. But now he could be a perfect boyfriend who is smart, calm, empathy and treats you like his princess.

Don’t miss this opportunity if you have a crush on an IT guy to get out there and start dating  an IT guy.

May you have the best Valentine date ever!


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