Hey Testers! Justify Your Existence!

Ryan Volker


There is a slow-motion attack against the testing profession. Now, more than ever, testers are forced to justify their existence and add value. The best way to add value for the customer is by acting as an advisor, not a salesperson.

So hey tester, what’s your value? There are dozens of essential characteristics and skills of good testers – you can find a list in any testing blog or book highlighting soft skills. But these publications are typically written by testers for testers. What does the customer value? Ryan says hes knows this because as a product owner he has observed countless characteristics and skills from testers that either validate or diminish their value and ability to work well.

Download this Next Generation Keynote recap to gain a new perspective and learn how to overcome this slow-motion attack to proudly demonstrate your testing value.

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About Me!

My experience spans over 17 years in banking across both sides of the Atlantic. I cut my teeth in U.S. Banking Operations and Online Product Management before launching a first-ever, multi-national testing department for one of the larger banks in Germany. The focus was squarely on identifying and delivering testing strategies for mobile, multi-channel and multi-platform banking products – both for manual and automated testing. I spent over a decade leading subject experts to driving technology solutions and process improvement for sales, operations, and product departments. Through creating an in-house testing department and connecting business with IT, I offer practical advice of success and stumbles from the trenches.

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