Why do Lifts have Mirrors?

Adonis Celestine


Why do Lifts have Mirrors?

Adonis is in the software testing industry for over 15 years. He is passionate about making testing simpler and more interesting for everyone. He is concerned about the perspectives and bias we have when it comes to defining quality.

Adonis advocates bringing in a perspective of the customer while approaching quality assurance. Companies, which have understood these perspectives, have not only made billions but also have billions of happy loyal customers.

How can we ensure right customer experience? How do customers perceive the performance of your app?

This recap provides answers to these questions and provide practical and radical techniques to improve overall experiences.

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About Me!

Adonis lives in the Netherlands and is involved in assuring quality for leading customers in a fast, up scaled environment for more than a decade. He is passionate about making testing simpler and more interesting for everyone in the team. He embraces change and bringing in innovation and technology to his daily work is his forte.

Adonis realises the potential of Artificial Intelligence and is excited about the positive impact it could bring to our lives. He has helped his team overcome & monitor quality issues with intelligent bots and machine learning. LinkedIn: Adonis Celestine

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