Technology’s Feet on Society’s Ground

Fiona Charles

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During the 27th EuroSTAR Conferences, Fiona Charles took to the stage to present her keynote ‘Technology’s Feet On Society’s Ground.

Fiona has been a long standing member of the EuroSTAR Software Testing community, an active attendee at the EuroSTAR Conference, a huge contributor to the European testing community consistently makes us think, improve and grow. We were honoured to present Fiona with the 2019 EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award at the Gala Awards Dinner in Zofin Palace, Prague.

During her keynote, Fiona tackled difficult questions and unveiled some truths behind the cost to our privacy with new technological advancements.

Technological advances have always trampled and rearranged the ground occupied by society. Each wave of Industrial Revolution has brought massive social disruptions and individual suffering as well as major benefits and social progress. It has posed ethical challenges too, as people adjusted to new realities, had its nay-sayers and prophets of societal doom.

We are now in the midst of change so rapid and profound that the ethical questions have fallen far behind the technological answers. Welcome to the ethical quagmire of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Have you thought about what microphones are listening to you inside your own home? Have you thought about who is watching you?

AI brings enormous questions and quandaries about accountability and liability for the critical decisions we are increasingly empowering it to make….

We have created a downloadable speaker re-cap for you to take away.

We would love you to join us at the EuroSTAR Software Testing & QA Conference this year, for more information please see the EuroSTAR conference website.

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I am an independent coach, consultant, and workshop facilitator specialising in the human side of software development, quality, and testing. I teach organizations to manage their software quality risk, and software practitioners human skills “beyond process”—hands-on practical skills essential to thrive, excel, and lead on any kind of software team. I speak and conduct interactive workshops at international conferences and in-house for clients, have recorded several webinars, and published many articles in quality-related publications.

With more than 40 years experience in software development and integration projects, I have managed testing and consulted on testing on public safety systems, and many large and small projects for clients across the business spectrum, including some of Canada’s largest retail, banking, financial services, health care, and telecommunications companies.

Consulting services include test/test management coaching, test capability assessments, test strategies, and test capability improvement, at either a company-wide or a project level. My experience includes several project rescues, and I can come in at any stage in a project to refocus and revitalize a stalled or misdirected test effort.

My skills include strong project management and risk management skills, with extensive experience managing complex end-to-end systems integration tests in diverse domains.

I am a dual UK/Canadian citizen and can work freely in the UK. I am happy to travel for an interesting engagement.

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