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Webinar: Life Testing and Leaps of Faith – with Susie Maguire

Reading Time: 2 minutes

susie maguire

Human beings are passionate beings.

We feel strongly about our families, our work, our politics, our sports teams, our hobbies and more and we are at our very best when we live a heart centred life and do everything we do with love, for love and in the furtherance of love.

But …

Life is constant motion, constant expansion and constant growth. Technology changes, society changes, trends change, people change, companies change, jobs change, priorities change.

What we love doing, being and having at a particular point in time, is not what we may love a year, 5 years or ten years later.

This is true not just at the individual level, but also at the societal and generational level. What was right for Baby Boomers is not necessarily right for Millennials. Societal norms of the 21st Century are markedly different than even the final years of the 20th Century.


As testing professionals we are accustomed to evaluating software based on :-

– it’s purpose i.e. what it’s supposed to do and
– it’s functionality i.e. whether it does what it’s supposed to do

We may be less accustomed to considering our lives, the lives of our colleagues and the lives of our team members from that same perspective. But we all need purpose in our lives. We all want to feel that our lives have had meaning. We all dream of leaving the world a little better than it was before.

Key Takeaways:

  • Think about your life purpose, evaluate your passions and answer some important questions.
  • Equip yourself to help your colleagues and team members.
  • When we are living on purpose, our lives are peaceful, happy and fulfilled.
  • When was the last time you checked in with yourself?

Editor's Image

Susie Maguire

About Susie Maguire

Susie is a Speaker, Author, Illustrator, Consultant and Coach who works with kids, adults and business’ worldwide to bring energy, excitement, change and magic to the most fabulous privilege we all enjoy, being alive!

She has been consulting with organisations in transition and in the midst of major transformations for 20+ years. She has worked alongside internal teams to create phenomenal hearts and minds engagement from small teams to 20,000+ people on a global scale. Her clients have included Facebook, Ericsson, Philips, Unilever, PepsiCo, Sky, Compaq/HP, STMicroeclectronics, Mitel Semiconductor, The BAA and Financial Conduct Authority to name just a few. She also works with private clients delivering workshops and coaching sessions for people who want to live life to the absolute fullest.

Susie has one son, now 15, and has raised him without school, whilst travelling with him to more than 50 countries around the world. Just a few of her favourite memories include celebrating her son’s 3rd birthday with his cake being baked in the sand of the Sahara desert by the Toureg who they were travelling with for 3 weeks, watching giant sea turtles lay their eggs on a Caribbean beach, under a full moon in the Yucatan, sipping drinks on a ship crossing the Atlantic with ice from an iceberg.

You can contact Susie through her websites or social media platforms listed below or by messaging her directly at +44 7824 555211


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