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WEBINAR: Talking about Talking about Testing – With Richard Paterson

Reading Time: 2 minutes

software testing - EuroSTAR Huddle


Software testing as a field is arguably still finding its feet, and often struggles to find its voice. There are many experienced testers in the world who could add much to the understanding and progression of our field, but who don’t realise the value of telling their story.

We need to lower the – largely psychological – barriers to people engaging with the wider testing community, and harness the potential of the hidden army of testers. We need to challenge and support people in talking about their experiences and what they’ve learned.

It might not be paradigm-altering but it might be, and is worth the risk. Even if it someone doesn’t push the testing envelope with their talk, how they choose to express an existing idea might be all that’s needed to spark off the next big idea.

My talk will also address the factors that have underpinned my own reticence in this area, the roots of uncertainty about our field, and how I’ve come to realise the value that I and every tester can – and should – add to the field.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Feeling emboldened and confident about speaking out more about what they do, either within their team, or their company, or hopefully to the wider test community.
  2. That you don’t need to be a thirty or twenty or even ten year testing veteran to have earned the right to talk about your experiences.
  3. That your thoughts and ideas about testing might trigger, or be, the next great leap forward in testing.

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Richard Paterson

About Richard Paterson (Head of Testing & Application Security, R&D Scotland)

Richard is Head of Testing and Application Security at SAS R&D Scotland. He considers himself a designer, leader and maker in addition to being a tester.

Richard has been a tester for nearly twenty years, initially working in Defence and more recently in Law Enforcement / Intelligence and Data Management. Richard has built up a multi-talented test organisation with SAS R&D Scotland over the last ten years. His approach to test leadership is to support and enable his testing function, and he’s constantly looking for and championing new ideas and approaches.

A relatively new contributor to the software testing community, Richard helps support the Software Testing Clinic in Glasgow, occasionally blogs and tweets, and gave his first conference talk at UKSTAR in March 2018. He will be chairing the inaugural testing track at ScotSoft2018 on September 27thTwitter: @rocketbootkid

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