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Software Testing Tips: Experiences & Realities

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For any software-producing company, basic prerequisites to be successful in delivering good software depend on having talented people and setting smart processes. Throughout the book, a common sense approach to software testing is emphasized and the key facts and their consequences are underlined. The advice contained in each respective section may remind readers of some important things they might have missed and unwittingly neglected.

This eBook is a sample version of the testing book ‘Software Testing Tips: Experiences & Realities’ and is based on years of experience in software testing and the tips inside are spanning several industries as defence, telecom, banking and hi-tech. More than that, it includes lessons learned for guiding any level software testers and it consists of practical information about how to handle fundamental software testing issues.

Key Takeaways:

1- Tips & Pragmatic Advice about common mistakes to avoid in Software Testing.
2- Lessons Learned from key industries and several critical testing projects 


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Baris Sarialioglu

Baris Sarialioglu has over 10 years of experience as an information systems professional. He is highly experienced in Software Development Lifecycle, Project Management, Agile Development, Quality Assurance and Software Testing.
Baris also has diverse experiences spanning several industries as; telecommunications, defense, banking & finance, semiconductor manufacturing, and aviation. Based on this broad experience he has been involved several challenging projects and had the chance to work in several different countries as Turkey, United States, Russia, Germany, China and Greece.

He has articles and papers on Software Development Methodologies, Quality Assurance and Software Testing; and he is regularly attending international and national conferences as a speaker, panelist, lecturer, moderator and contributor.

Currently, he is one of the managing partners of Keytorc Software Testing Services where he holds the responsibilities of delivering test consultancy, outsourced test management and software testing trainings.

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