Are we all not Testers?

Henrik Andersson

House of Test

In this presentation, Henrik addresses the question of why testers need to label themselves as Agile Testers and looks at ways that testers can improve the profession and be proud to call themselves Testers. There are many test professionals that describe themselves as “Agile Testers” but what does that really mean? Does it suggest that you are a very quick or well- coordinated tester? I assume not, my assumption would be that you are a tester that works in agile environment. However, why is it becoming increasingly important to define who you are as a tester? Are there many “waterfall testers”…....

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About Me!

Founder and Consultant at House of Test Consulting. Hendrick Lives in Sweden and is a member of the School of Context Driven Testing (CDT). Hendrick presents at various conferences in the USA, Europe and Australasia.

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