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Category Archives: Non-Functional Testing

Find software testing resources in areas such as security testing, performance testing, beta testing and more.

  • Ensuring App Security Using Digital Certificates

    If you use a Smartphone, you’d be familiar with this. On an average, billions of mobile applications are downloaded every year by those who use smartphones. Be it Apple, Android or even Windows phones, mobile applications are galore for each …

    • 25/01/2018
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    • Posted by Chirag
  • How to Do Penetration Testing – A Guide on Essential Tools for PenTesting

    I just wanted to give you an overview how one can be a Penetration Tester with a little guide on how to do Penetration Testing. I’m not gonna talk about career opportunities here since I do believe that a security …

    • 18/04/2017
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    • Posted by Hari
  • What is Correlation in Performance Testing

    Correlation in performance testing is used to account for dynamic values. Many web applications have dynamic data that changes every time the user runs that web application. Web applications often need to track user’s interactions as they navigate through their …

    • 02/01/2017
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    • Posted by Rohit
  • How Shutterfly Masters Continuous Performance Testing by Adjusting the Belt Tight

    Picture this, you are the owner of an e-commerce website and you want to be sure that its excellent customer experience doesn’t deteriorate over time with the introduction of new functionalities and that your customer retention rate remains healthy. For …

    • 01/11/2016
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    • Posted by Sofia
  • The Benefits of Distributed Load Test Centers

    The benefits of distributed load test centers can be seen as an invaluable tool for e-businesses that serve local, regional, national, and global audiences. The testing network helps ensure application and website users have a smooth browsing and purchasing experience. …

    • 22/09/2016
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    • Posted by Andrea
  • Performance Testing Websites: How Can performance testing help An Online Business?

    I have started with a small e-Retail website which was running all good but all of a sudden my sales were falling really fast. This was effecting my confidence in continuing the business and was also making my competitors rich. …

    • 07/07/2016
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    • Posted by Pavan
  • Security Testing Techniques: What Skills Do you Need?

    Are our systems secure? The short answer is “No“. Yes, SOME systems are secure, but most of them are not. My father remembers the time when people did not lock their front doors. Instead they put brooms behind the door …

    • 19/10/2015
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    • Posted by Margareta
  • Testing Bank Applications: How It Works And What Approach to Take

    Icebergs can be deceptive when looked at! They encompass a huge mass below the sea level which is around 90 % of its actual size, leaving only 10 % for the naked eye. How is that related to banking? To …

    • 28/09/2015
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    • Posted by Emma
  • API Testing and API Hacks

    Wherever, whatever application store some data about sensitive information and interact with server using API methods, then it’s possible for someone to possibly hack the data from API if you have not tested before serving API to your customer thus the …

    • 31/08/2015
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    • Posted by Padmaraj
  • The Need of The Hour In Security Testing – Test Often And Test Right

    Already this year  the Identity Theft Resource Centre has reported 101 data breaches with over 80M records stolen. The US military Twitter account was recently hacked by terrorists. The Sony data breach is still fresh in our minds. And now millions of …

    • 24/08/2015
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    • Posted by Sharada
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