The Benefits and Practice of Early Lifecycle Performance Testing

Paul Herzlich

Creative Intellect Consulting

Creative Intellect Consulting UK is constantly monitoring adoption of software and best practices. In this paper the benefits and challenges of early life-cycle testing for a cluster of technical test types are examined, commonly known as performance testing. The aim is to bring managers up to date on the latest thinking on the subject and practice in the field, with a view to cutting away the myths and removing obstacles blocking adoption.....

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About Me!

With 40 years experience in the IT industry, Paul has performed most roles in application development, including business analyst, programmer/analyst, development manager and test manager; he has been an author and consultant on tools, methods and processes; he has worked with numerous languages, operating systems, and technology platforms ranging from business tabulation machines, mainframes, minis and PCs, and followed the trajectory of application delivery from monolithic mainframe systems, to distributed client/server, through web-based applications, and on to mobile devices and the Cloud.

Paul’s experience spans both consultancy and real world practice across a variety of business domains, including banking, finance, manufacturing, petroleum and pharmaceuticals. Within his diverse technical competencies, application development, testing and quality assurance are his home bases. He now actively monitors and writes about the trends in Application Lifecycle Management, Application Development and Application Delivery, and assists clients in choosing, sourcing and applying best tools, processes and methods in those domains for Creative Intellect.

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