Front-End Web Performance Analysis

Mais Tawfik Ashkar

Independent Consultant

Winner of the 2018 EuroSTAR Conference Best Tutorial Award – we are delighted to bring this award winning tutorial to you as a webinar. Have you been responsible for performance testing a new application or a new feature? Were you asked to provide fast performance feedback before scripting and executing end-to-end performance tests? Did you find yourself amidst an influx of questions on how the site performs or why a page takes too long to load ? Were you given limited time to plan and execute your performance tests accordingly? Are you diagnosing a production issue around a slow performing…....

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About Me!

Mais Tawfik Ashkar, winner of EuroSTAR 2018 Best Tutorial Award, is a Performance Engineering Consultant helping clients deliver faster, more scalable and reliable applications. Prior to consulting, Mais was a Performance Engineering Manager and lead with Pearson Learning Technologies representing their Denver and offshore teams and overseeing performance and scale solutions. An organizer of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability [WOPR] and a former SQUAD board member, Mais has over 12 years of experience in the software engineering industry working as a software performance engineer, automation engineer, and consultant. An accomplished speaker, Mais is passionate about the multi-faceted discipline of software quality engineering. She is experienced with leading and implementing test automation, performance engineering and data analytics solutions at the enterprise level for highly complex, integrated, and distributed systems. As an Independent consultant, she is focused on innovative performance solutions, coaching and training to help clients improve their performance testing practices.

Twitter: @MaisTawfik

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