Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

Declan O'Riordan

Testing IT

Application Security is a wide and deep subject, yet it’s possible for any software tester to learn all they need to know about security testing. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and effort to master. The shortage of skills and limitations of tools creates bottlenecks that restrict delivery to production. I’ll trace a journey through vulnerability testing and explain why and how my thinking has changed over time. You’ll learn how a new generation of real-time sensors are offering answers that will transform security testing this decade. This application security testing tutorial follows on from Declan’s first EuroSTAR Huddle…....

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About Me!

Declan O’Riordan started speaking at conferences in 2014. Within nine months he’d won the EuroSTAR prize for best conference paper and was voted the ‘do over’ session delegates would most like repeated. In 2015 Declan won the prize for best conference paper at the USA’s STAR East conference, and was on the EuroSTAR programme committee. In 2016 he was the first joint winner of the EuroSTAR best paper prize. In February 2017 he will be co-chairing the first UKSTAR conference and running a new workshop “Hey! What just hackened!”.

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