Blogspy 234: Software Testing and QA Blog Compilation

It is the latest edition of Blogspy. Stay updated with our Software Testing and QA Blog Compilation every week bringing you the best testing blog posts of the past week from the testing community. This week we feature posts on Test Cases, Test metrics, how to catch the most bugs and more.


Use this approach to catch the most bugs | Rama Anem

In this post Rama shares one approach to hunting down software bugs. Here she suggests how you can contribute testing at various stages of the application life cycle.

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Why Machine Learning Is Important For Testing | Raman Arora

How will machine learning affect the software development industry? Will it improve bug detection rates? This post looks st the potential of machine learning and how it will affect testing.

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How To Selenium: Elements Access Styles With Selenium WebDriver | Anton Angelov

As part of the continuing series on working with Selenium, this post shares how to implement the Page Object design pattern in your test automation framework. One of them is how and where to access your web elements. In this publication, I am going to share with you four different variations.

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How a defect occurs in software? | Aravind Gabani

Going back to the basics of software testing, how are bugs created. Here Aravind explores how all bugs are not created equally and why they occur.

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An Analogy to Explain The Limitations of Test Cases | Nicola Owen

Nicola doesn’t think Test Cases are all they are cracked up to be. That is why she wants to use this analogy of job interviews to explain the problems of Test Cases.

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The Many Advantages of Pair Testing | Simon Schrijver

Simon shares the many advantages of pair testing. in this post he gives a number of examples of how pair testing can be beneficial to you in your testing and how best to take advantage of it.

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Counting Test Cases | Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret reflects on her own views on counting test cases. With the number of years of experience she has in testing, she asks if she would count test cases again and in what scenarios.

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Hindsight lessons about automation: Why automation? | Viktor Slavchev

Viktor reflects that having written before on how to do Automation, it is important to reflect on why Automation is important. Here he explains his reasons.

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Regression Testing Manifesto – Intent Over Implementation | Brendan Connolly

In the first post in a series on the Core values for Regression Testing, Brendan looks at the differences between intent and implementation.

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The Siren Call of Test Metrics | Kim Engel

Test metrics are always important in monitoring what you are doing and how successful your testing actually is.  In this post, Kim looks at the common test metrics used and why they never reveal the full testing story.

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