Blogspy 233: Testing Blog Post Round-Up of the Week

Welcome to the latest edition of Blogspy. Stay updated with our testing blog round-up every week bringing you the best testing blog posts of the past week from the testing community. This week we feature posts on the art of testing, build trust with remote colleagues, history of Continuous Integration and more.


Testing Is The Art Of … | Jeff Nyman

Jeff ponders on the question that is often asked; is testing an art or a science? In this post he looks at testing in the context of framing of both of these disciplines.

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How to Build Trust with Colleagues You Rarely See | Tsedal Neeley

Many developers are facing up to the challenge of dealing with work colleagues whom they do not see in the office. How do you build a relationship with them? In this post, Tsedal shares some tips on building relationships across continents.

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We Need Fewer Product Managers | John Cutler

Would the software development environment work better with less product managers? John thinks so and in this post explains why.

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When Theory Met Practice | James Thomas

James reports from the latest meeting of the Cambridge Exploratory Workshop on Testing where the question posed to attendees was “Theory Over Practice or Practice Over Theory?”

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ID, could you please tell me what is your purpose? | Karlo Smid

I.D’s exist in various form to allow us to be uniquely identified by different systems. In this post Karlo shares some of the problems with testing with I.D’s.

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Pre-tested Integration |  Emily Bache

In this post, Emily looks at the history of Continuous Integration (C.I) and the use of C.I. without a server.

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Mapping Biases to Testing: An Inconvenient Truth |Maaike Brinkhof

Maaike makes the comparison of testing to the medical profession and asks if there is too much testing medicine proscribed?

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Automation in Testing is live! | Mark Winteringham

Mark shares the story behind the automation in testing concept that he and Richard Bradshaw have been developing. In this post he explains how the concept has now become a live website.

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