Blogspy 232: QA And Testing Blog Posts Round-Up

It is the latest edition of Blogspy. Stay updated with our testing blog round-up. We have the testing blogs list of popular posts on Huddle this week.


What Is Mean Stack? A Complete Overview Of Mean Stack | Danish Wadhwa

In this post, Danish explores Mean Stack, the JavaScript libraries. The post looks at how best to make use of Mean Stack and apply it in software testing.

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Alice in the Hall of Mirror | Gojko Adzi

In a detailed posts, Gojko looks at Agile and and its successors such as TDD and how the methodology works in different teams. He uses the metaphor of mirrors to examine how teams apply Kanban, Scrum and TDD

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What Is Scaled Agile Framework? | Wendy D

Scaled Agile Framework has benefits for many organisations. This post examines some of the benefits of using Scale Agile and how the methodology can be useful for those wanting to create lean, Agile teams.

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Using Tours to Structure Your Exploratory Testing | Nishi Grover Garg 

Cem Kaner describes tours as an exploration of a product that is organised around a theme. This post looks at using tours to help structure exploratory testing sessions.

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Ensuring App Security Using Digital Certificates | Chirag Thumar

Digital certificates have become more popular as a method to ensure app security. This post examines app security and using digital certificates as one way to keep your app secure.

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Converting a Team to TDD – Part 1 | Dave Schinkel

Dave shares the story of when his CFO asked him to change his team over to TDD. Here Dave explains how the team went about moving to TDD and what are Best Practises in that area.

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Why Converting Test Teams to Automation Is A Challenge | Paul Merrill

Paul explains why he thinks that  converting entire teams of hands-on testers to test automation engineers is a fool’s errand.

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Test Automation Smells so Obvious Anyone Could Notice | Maaret Pyhäjärvi 

In this blog post, Maaret describes looking at automation tests from an exploratory tester’s perspective.

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