Blogspy 231: QA And Testing Blog Posts Round-Up

The latest edition of Blogspy. Stay updated with our testing blog round-up of the best of posts from Software Testing and QA from the past week. We feature posts from testing bloggers with featured posts on integration tests, estimates, coding dojo and more.


What Is The Difference Between Automated And Manual Testing? | Alex Jones

This post breaks down the differences between Automation and Manual testing and looks at when you should be using either.

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Doing a project without estimates | Thorbjørn Sigberg

With a detailed post from a project he has experience of, here Thorbjørn explains why estimates for a project can be quickly dealt with an experienced team.

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Three Types of Coding Dojo for Test Automation | Katrina Clokie

This post looks at using coding dojo’s in her team and how each dojo has led her to discover some interesting mechanics of how each of them work.

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Fixed Length Iterations vs. Continuous Flow | John Cutler

A similar discussion to the estimates debate, this post looks at two different approaches to goal setting.

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Building a Test Automation Strategy: Why are we Automating? | Ryan Yackel

As part of a new whiteboard Friday series, Ryan explores why many companies are now incorporating automated testing into their QA strategies.

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Hawaii False Missile Alarm – was it entirely a Human Error? | Nishi Grover Garg

How was it so easy to set a state wide alarm for a missile strike? Hishi reviews what happened and looks at how the testing of the alerts could have been designed better.

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Integration Test | Martin Fowler

Martin explains why he is wary of integration tests.  He explores why there is some confusion about what an integration test actually is.

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The Gamification of Software Testing | Pete Houghton

Pete shares, with the help of a team he was working with, how the gaming approach has become part of software development.

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