Blogspy 230: QA And Testing Blog Posts Round-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of Blogspy. Stay updated with our round-up of the best of posts from Software Testing and QA from the past week. We feature the latest posts from testing bloggers with our Huddle Blogspy round-up. This week we feature posts on Exploratory testing, microservices, wisdom of testing and more.


The value of Human, Exploratory Testing | David Heinemeier Hansson

David, founder of Ruby on Rails sings the praises of exploratory testing and why it is so important.

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Testing Microservices, the sane way | Cindy Sridharan

The use of microservices has increased for many in software development. The ability to develop and deploy different business functionality independently has made microservices more popular. This post looks at the problems surrounding testing microservices.

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ETL Testing: Testing In ETL And Data-Centric Projects | Torana

ELT testing can have its challlenges but there are rewards for getting it right. This post shares how to combat some of those challenges and the most of ELT testing.

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On The Wisdom Of Testing | James Thomas

Reflecting on the recent release of the “Little Book of Testing Wisdom”, James picks out some of his favourite takeaways from some of the chapters.

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Guiding Development with the Agile Testing Quadrants | Rik Marselis

Testing quadrants are very useful once they are applied properly. In this post, Rik looks at some of the different versions of  Agile testing quadrants that are in use and how they can be applied.

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Three Steps to Better Measurement | Justin Rohrman

Measuring data in testing can be beneficial. But what do you do with all the data? Justin shares some thoughts on measurement in testing.

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