Blogspy 229: Best QA Blog Posts of This Week

Welcome to the latest edition of 2018 of Blogspy. Our latest round-up of the best of posts from Software Testing with  from the past week. We feature the latest posts from testing bloggers with our Huddle Blogspy round-up. This week we feature posts on SCRUM, thinking like a tester, bugs, hope for 2018 and more.


Why The Scrum Master Is Important In Test? | Danish Wadhwa

Where does the Scrum master fit into the Agile team? What is his role and why is it important that he or she should be seen as vital for any development team? Danish shares some of the important roles of the scrum master.

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Why Agile Is Eating The World | Steve Denning

Steve looks at how Agile has become the default method of working for many of the main technology companies and examines what its effect has had on the industry.

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Enhance Your Warehouse Management System Testing Procedure | Nishtha Singh

This post explores the testing process of a Warehouse Management System. It examines what is entailed in managing the testing procedure.

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How To Think Like a Software Tester | One Man

What are the attributes of a software tester? This post shares some of the ways software testers should think when approaching problems and how you can become that method.

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My hope for Testing in 2018… | Steve Watson

Steve shares his big hope for 2018 with regards to software testing…that one aspect of testing does not become what testing is all about.

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Hiring Me: An Un-Marketing Message | James Bach

James share some of the reasons why companies may or may not wish to hire him as a testing consultant and what they should expect.

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A Positive Way To Think About Bugs | Amy Philips

Software bugs are testers bread and butter. Many might see them in a negative light but there some positive aspects to bugs. Amy explains what they are.

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