Blogspy 228: Best Testing and QA bloggers Posts From This Week

Happy New Year. Welcome to the first edition of 2018 of Blogspy. Our latest round-up of the best of posts from Testing and QA bloggers from the past week. We feature the latest posts from testing bloggers with our Huddle Blogspy round-up. This week we feature posts on API testing, teachings from the CIA for testing and more.


API Testing Tutorial – Part 2! Frequently Used API Code Snippets | Prashant Hedge

Prashant shares some useful code snippets if you are API testing with some useful guidance on integrating API automated tests. .

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Fear Factor | Alan Page

Alan reflects on the role of testing maturity in the industry and why his goal is to make his job obsolete.

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What CIA Teaches us About Productivity | Sławomir Radzymiński

Slawomir shares some highlights from a CIA manual for agents in the field and how it can be applied to software testing.

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Automated UI Test Heuristic: Sleep and Wait | Chris McMahon

Chris looks at the different kinds of waiting in automated browser tests and the difference between polling waits and sleep waits.

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The Testing Role in Agile: A quick note on skill expectations and test cases | Kate Falanga

As part of her series exploring the testing role in Agile, this post looks at skill level of testers in Agile and why it is important.

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A Positive Way To Think About Bugs | Amy Phillips

Software bugs do not always have to be negative for software testers. There are positives too. In this post, Amy shares some positive ways to think about software bugs.

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