BlogSpy 227: Best of QA and Testing Blogs From This Week

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The latest in software testing thoughts with an update on what is happening with the latest posts from testing bloggers with our Huddle Blogspy round-up. This week we feature posts on submitting to Conferences, testers mindsets and more.

Considering Conferences: A Reflection | Pete Walen

Pete reflects on Conferences for testers. If you are applying for a conference speaking slot, he shares what you should be really thinking about and why you should avoid trends.

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The Tester’s Mindset | Paul Merrill

What are the characteristics of a great software tester? Paul shares some of the assets he thinks software testers should have. Would you add any to the list?

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Are You a Micromanager or a Macromanager? | Julie Giulioni

You might have heard of or be familiar with the concept of the micromanager but how about the macromanager? In this post Julie looks at some of the common attributes of the micromanager vs the macromanager.

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On Preventing Your Test Suite From Becoming Too User Interface-Heavy | Bas Dijkstra

What is the most efficient way to implement certain types of checks? Bas explores this question with a look at when not to write automation tests.

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