BlogSpy 226: Best from Testing Blogs from This Week

The latest in software testing thoughts with an update on what is happening with the latest posts from testing bloggers with our Huddle Blogspy round-up. Browse the round-up of most popular blogs on testing with posts on new models of test strategies, performance testing and more.

Dear Tester! Others Care About Quality, too | Lina Zubyte

Sometimes language can get in the way of good communication. In this case Lina shares how different descriptions of QA has led Lina to the realisation that both

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A New Model for Test Strategies… | Dan Ashby

Dan shares some of his thoughts on reflecting on the Heuristic Test Strategy Model create by James Bach and how he can apply it in his new role.

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How to Define The Right Workload Model For Your Performance Tests | Lior Avni

Lior delves into how to prepare for performance tests by understanding the business process and workload validation and why you need to understand a system before you can break it.

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Modeling Testing | Jeff Nyman

Jeff comments on Dan Ashby’s post on models for test strategies and why “healthy evangelism” is a good thing.

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Pairing for Skill vs. Pairing for Confidence | Katrina Clokie

Katrina writes on how to pair up those who are learning new skills. Should a learner be paired with someone experienced or should two learners be paired together?
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