BlogSpy 224: Best of Software Testing Blogs from This Week

The latest in software testing thoughts with an update on what is happening in the software testing blogosphere with our Huddle Blogspy round-up. Browse the round-up of most popular blogs on testing with posts this week on performance testing, API testing, testing books and more.


API Testing Tutorial! – Everything You Need To Know | Prashant Hegde

In this post Prashant shares some guidelines to testing with API’s and what what you need to know before and during you test with API’s.

Read More on Testing API’s here


End to End Testing and Integration Testing Revisited | Pete Walen

Pete shares the story of meeting with a friend  and how the conversation got him thinking more about integration testing.

Read More on End To End Testing


Speed Vs Quality – So What Is More Important? |Kirsten Aebersold

The age old question of which is better for software development; speed or quality is examined again. This post looks at how both will apply to s test automation.

Read More on Speed Vs Quality here


6 New Books Every Software Testing Engineer Should Read | Meaghan Lewis

Meaghan Lewis shares some of her favourite recently published books on testing and explains why you should check them out.

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How To Implement An HTTP Web Server In Node.Js? | Rakesh Patel

A description on implementing a HTTP seb server in Node.Js. This post features a simple how to guide on some of the features of a HTTP web server and how to complete it.

Read More here


Black Friday – The Best Performance Live Testing Ever |  Kinga Witko

Black Friday has lots of opportunities for testers. One area in particular being performance testing. In this post Kinga shares some of her experiences on Black Friday testing various websites for performance issues.

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