BlogSpy 223: Best of Software Testing Blogs from the Last Week

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The latest in software testing thoughts with an update on what is happening in the software testing blogosphere with our Huddle Blogspy round-up.  Browse the round-up of most popular blogs on testing with posts this week on automation and testing, test plans, cloud testing and more.


Session-Based Test Management: Part 4 –  Carrying Out A Successful Debrief | Mark Winteringham

The final part of the series in which Mark Winteringham explores the use of session based test management. Mark explores a number of different areas. This post looks at what is involved in carrying out a successful debrief.

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3 Ways to Plan Testing | Simon Knight

Test planning is an important asset for any software tester to have. There are many ways to carry out test planning. Here Simon looks at three popular methods; Risk Based test planning, session based test management and heuristic test strategy.

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11 Benefits Of Cloud Software For Software Testing |  Jessica Cyrus

Exploring what are the benefits of Cloud software for testing, this post shares some of the most important tips related to cloud testing that might be of use to you.

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Test cases are a great tool. But not for finding bugs | Antti Niittyviita

Antti argues that hunting for bugs rather than following test cases can be more productive for testing teams. He shares the results of one experiment that he believes demonstrates this.


EuroSTAR 2017 Review | Simina Rendler

The reviews of EuroSTAR 2017 keep coming in. In this report Simina, our community forum reporter for the event shares her experiences of the event. Simina looks back on some of her favourite sessions at EuroSTAR 2017 and what made it so special for her.

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The Testing Role in Agile — An Overview | Kate Falanga

What is the role of testing in Agile? This question has been asked many times. Here in this post Kate takes a look at Testing in Agile and imagines what an idealised version of it would look like.

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Test Automation Heuristic: No Conditionals | Chris McMahon

Chris shares some quick suggestions on No Conditionals in Test Automation and how best to understand them.

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The Missing Link Between Testing And Automation | Viktor Slavchev

In a long but worthy read, Viktor examines the links between testing and automation and how the two should interact with each other.

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