Software Testing News – Latest Testing News 27th January – 9th February 2018

It is the latest edition of the Huddle Testing and tech news. Every fortnight we look at some of the latest testing news stories that have dominated the headlines. This edition features stories on the iPhone X bug, Buglife expanding, OpenVMS bug and more.


Buglife Joins Y Combinator classBuglife Bug report software testing

We want to be the focal point where teams can easily collect all possible data and context of where the user became frustrated or was having problems and intelligently provide all of that data for developers without having to jump through hoops with customer support

Buglife, software created by Dan DeCovnick and Dave Schukin allows users to quickly report bugs found in apps. The software was developed by guys in 2011 while working at Amazon. The company recently joined the Y Combinator programme that helps start-ups expand and grow.

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iPhone X BugiPhone X

A force restart alleviates the problem temporarily, only to see the bug resurface after 10 or so calls.

Apple says it is looking into reports of a bug in iPhone X. The bug affects incoming calls. Users report that the Phone X will ring, but the display screen with the option to either accept or decline the incoming call may not show up after a delay.

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Google Pays Out $3 Million in 2017 on Bug Bounty’sGoogle-logo

Rewards can range from $500 to $100,000 or more depending on the type of bug and the amount of time spent.

Google recently announced that the company payed sums ranging from $500 to $100,000 in 2017. The largest sum payed out was $112,500, for one bug hunter who tracked down a Pixel phone exploit as part of the Android Security Rewards Program.

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OpenVMS BugOpenVMS QA and Testing news

The vulnerability affects all versions of VMS and OpenVMS dating back to version 4.0, when it was just called VMS.”

The OpenVMS operating system on hardware has recently been hit with a newly discovered bug. While the bug affects Alpha and Vax hardware, it seems to only cause crashes on Intel Itanium-based hardware.

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