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Huddle Poll | Which Test Automation Tool Is Essential To Know

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  • 14/02/2018

Automation is a big part of testing and the tools for Automation are an essential part in the Automation process. There are many tools that testers should be aware of. However learning them all can be difficult. Which Test Automation tool is essential for test engineers to know?

In the latest Huddle poll, we want to hear your own thoughts on this. Find out how your opinion compares to others taking part in the poll.


Which Test Automation Tool Is Essential To Know?

What are the big questions in software testing? We want to answer that question. Each week on Huddle we share a poll on the big questions in Testing in our weekly Software Survey of Testers. You might feel a certain way about how many years it takes to become a good tester or you might have a certain opinion on ISO standards or testing problems but what are the opinions of others and how does your opinion fit into the thoughts of the software test.

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