Hiring a Mobile App Developer? Here are 7 Interview Questions

Mobile app development can be difficult. It can have its barriers to making a great customer experience. Hiring a mobile app developer is one step on building that experience for the user.  There are many potential questions to ask a candidate for the role. You might examine their technical background, their skills or maybe you are more interested in other skills. However there are some essential questions that you should ask. Here are some suggestions.

If your company doesn’t have a mobile app yet, it’s missing out on a golden opportunity. A mobile application will help you engage customers, sell your product, and grow your business.

You’ve seen the stats:

  • 80% of internet users own a mobile phone.
  • 26% of consumers spend most of their mobile research with a branded app and shopping applications.
  • Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites.

So what comes to mind? Hire a mobile app developer! However, finding an experienced developer whom you can trust with your project isn’t easy. Here are 7 questions that you should come up with a list of questions to a potential hire app developer that will help you hire the right one for your project, be sure to ask these seven questions.




Developer Fit

1. Where Can I Find Previously Developed Apps Of Your Work?

The best indicator of what you’ll see in the future is what you’ve seen in the past. Before you hire a mobile app developer, make sure that one of the best ways you can take a close look at their past work. Ask for the actual experience that shows off their results in the development process work or live apps they’ve developed previously you can use yourself to get a feel for the quality and also check the reviews on the App Store.

2. Can I See A List Of Your Current And Previous Clients?

An extremely crucial question to ask, Talking to a developer’s to provide you information about their past and current clients work they are claiming as theirs and how the developer manages the relationship of a development process. Developer’s past work is very valuable. So, you might ask some questions about they delivered on deadline and within budget, they claim to have developed for them. In some cases, you will also get a list of their repeat clients or see a testimonial how well it communicated with them and authentic facts and figures throughout the process.

3. What Kind Of Smartphone Do You Use?

Ideally, passionate and knowledgeable the developer is into various app development platforms, they should use a variety of devices – iOS, Android, and should understand android much better. A developer should be familiar with claims to be comfortable with or other apps of the platform they work on.

Developer’s Capabilities

4. What Special Features Can You Create For My App?

You have to be sure a good idea of the actual build the features and functionality that you want into your app, and you need to make sure that your basic app developer can able to build them and will allow you to make money. You probably need ratings and reviews incorporated into your app. If there isn’t any direct experience by the developers at an agency, don’t give up just yet and how they might go about implementing it. The developer should mention being able to tell you how they would implement any proposed feature or and provide insight into other apps have similar functionality and mention any appropriate plugins or frameworks that would be helpful.




Development Process

5. How Will We Communicate During The App Development Process?

No mobile developer or app development company can develop a quality of app without you. Communication during the app development process depends on how clearly to the quality of your app. You should seek a developer that via phone, Skype, instant message or consistently communicating, garnering feedback, and iterating — and how often? Will it be a Skype call or by email or both he and she provide you with status updates? The efficiency and quality of your app depend on the clarity of the communication. It is important to keep you through the entire development process of your application.

6. Will You Submit My Mobile App To App Stores?

After the app is tested, you need to find and squash as many bugs as possible before to submit the app to the app store. It’s important to the developer should know the ins and outs of human interface and store guidelines of the process before submitting the app to the App Store and be able to guide you throughout. After successful submission to a marketplace, it’s imperative that everything is submitted to your account and overwhelming for you to do yourself.

Legal And Admin

7. Who Will Own The Mobile App?

As the typically the individual or paying customer, you should own the finished product, Mureta says. Normally you and the app developer or company who commissions the application is the rightful owner of the app, but it’s safe to confirm that you own all the rights to the app. You and company must sign written legal documents like “copyright assignment”, “work made for hire” or “non-disclosure agreements” etc. contract. It must not be shared with any other third-party by the company/developer and source code and all of its content.




Wrapping Things Up

Finding the ideal app developer is crucial, but it’s not easy. Don’t be in a hurry to find the developer to proper market research before hiring an app developer that has the experience and capabilities.

Mobile apps are so important which leads to wasted time, money and effort and can help you grow your existing business or launch a new one. It’s important to pick a service provider carefully that fits with the app you need built and has the right legal and fee structure for you.

What do you think of these questions? If you follow the steps and take precautions is an important part of this search process and next hire will be a blissful experience. I’m sure. So be smart.
Did we miss anything? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

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