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Category Archives: Poll

  • Huddle Poll | Which Testing Framework Do You Use?

      Testing is an inseparable part of the software release cycle in well balanced developer teams. And without a doubt we know that JUnit and TestNG are the most popular testing frameworks out there. JUnit is considered to be the standard framework to …

    • 04/04/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Huddle Poll | What Impact Will Blockchain Have On Testing?

    Blockchain has quickly become a talked about term in popular culture as the popularity of cryptocurrencies have increased. The Blockchain technology has quickly been seen to be useful in other industries. As an encrypted database that is secure, it has been …

    • 28/02/2018
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Why Do You Attend Meetups?

    Testing meetups have become more and more popular. Meetups have popped up in most cities throughout Europe and are enthusiastically attended by many testers. Attending these meetup’s can be for many reasons. So we want to ask you, why do …

    • 21/02/2018
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Which Test Automation Tool Is Essential To Know

    Automation is a big part of testing and the tools for Automation are an essential part in the Automation process. There are many tools that testers should be aware of. However learning them all can be difficult. Which Test Automation tool is …

    • 14/02/2018
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Do You Listen to Testing Podcasts?

    As the new year comes in, we are asking you today about podcasts. Podcasts have been a gaining in popularity over the past number of years. They are a great way of hearing others stories, getting informed or just learning …

    • 17/01/2018
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Do You Make Testing New Years Resolutions?

    January is the time of year when we look ahead and start thinking about goals for the forthcoming year. The most common occurrence of this is the New Years Resolution. So as some testers are setting their goals for 2018, …

    • 03/01/2018
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Are you An Agile Tester?

    There have been a lot of blog posts this week on what the role of the tester in Agile and how testers work in Agile. That got us thinking here about testing and Agile. So this week’s question is on …

    • 20/12/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Do You Test When You Are Not Working?

    Inspired by a recent blog post on testing websites on Black Friday, I thought it would be interesting to address testing when you are not in work in this week’s poll. Do you find yourself browsing a website and then …

    • 06/12/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Do You Find Value in Scrum Meetings?

    This week David Tzemach was writing about daily scrum meetings and the value in scrum meetings. Such meetings can quickly lose the idea and design that they were created for. Meetings that were originally meant to take only 15 minutes …

    • 22/11/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Huddle Poll | Should Testers Learn To Code?

    Following on from the recent poll on if you know how to code, this week we want to ask you about coding in general and if you should learn how to code?  Is coding becoming an essential skill for testers? We return …

    • 08/11/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
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