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Testing is an inseparable part of the software release cycle in well balanced developer teams. And without a doubt we know that JUnit and TestNG are the most popular testing frameworks out there. JUnit is considered to be the standard framework to test Java applications. Spock, however, it said to be “nicer” and easier to use. It was also inspired by jMock, Rspec, JUnit, Scala, Groovy and Vulcans.  And then we have TestNG, which supports Dependency Testing while JUnit does not. Sort of a rock, paper and scissor game going on here, huh? Each one has great advantages over the other.

So today we are asking all Huddle fans the following question:


Your answer will help us and others reading this  identify the top preferred one used in the software testing world. Each week on Huddle we share a poll on the big questions in Testing in our weekly Software Survey of Testers. You might feel a certain way about how many years it takes to become a good tester or you might have a on a certain testing framework that you’d like to discuss. You can always comment below the poll to start the discussion and learn more at the same time!

Thank you for participating in our poll!


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