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Huddle is well known for its amazing and weekly BlogSpy roundups of the top testing blog posts. We are literally scanning the internet left and right, up and down to bring you the juiciest software testing news and gossip, all in one place. This week, here are our top picks.


3 DevOps Culture Mistakes & How to Fix Them |

In the world of software testing, the word “bug” is heard a lot more than your coworker’s name. This article  This article focuses on how to quickly and expertly squash bugs the way successful companies are doing. If  your organization’s DevOps culture experiencing breakdowns or lack of synergy, then it might be a good time to check for these 3 popular bugs.

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The Importance of DevOps in the Era of Cloud |

DevOps was evolved right around the time of cloud computing, which is crucial for providing a point of central deployment for carrying out operations of an organization. With that being said, DevOps is taking into account that organizations are constantly changing and developing while deploying applications, around the concept of continuous improvement.

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VPNs Can Leak Out Your IP Addresses and Make Users Traceable |

Although VPN helps provide you with online privacy and security and you can browse the internet anonymously, technologies like WebRTC can be used to obtain the real IP of website visitors, even if they are using a VPN. The article explains how it works to attain information.

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IBM Unfurls Cloud for Building Microservice |

IBM CTO for Java, John Duimovich, has announces a new development environment to make it easier to build microservices. Additionally, he reveals that Microclimate provides a complete framework building applications based on microservices written in Java.

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Tech Giants Announce Funding for 1-to-1 Devices|

More than $200 million Monday was pledged from Verizon Innovative Learning. The fund will focus on teacher training, furnishing technology, and internet connectivity in K-12 schools. The program intentionally focuses on middle schools, said Kirk. “The data has shown that’s one of the most critical times for students, relative to their level of engagement,” she said.

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