What’s Brewing in the World of Automation Testing?

Automation Testing is definitely a trending methodology which is being followed by a large number of software testers across the world. Automation testing has transformed the complete Software Testing or even the development life cycle to a great extent. As the name suggests, automation testing has enhanced the quickness and efficiency of the testing process. Automation is all about automating the manual or the repetitive tasks. And, this is exactly what has happened with the quality testing or the software testing processes as well. By adopting the automated testing methods, the teams and the businesses are able to boost the speed and quality of the testing process.

Why shouldn’t You Ignore Automation Testing?

There is no way you can ignore automation testing, because that is the present and future of software testing. Instead, you should keep exploring more and find out ways to improve and make the most of the automation testing processes, techniques and tools. With the help of automation testing, you can not only just expect quicker results, but will also get more effective outcomes. Therefore, there are tons of reasons that make automation testing a favorite of the software teams across the globe. At the same time, automation testing might come across as an economical approach as compared to manual testing.

As per some of the reports, it is believed that the expenditures on expanding the IT industry may touch the dollar 3.87 trillion by 2022. And, a major part of it will be in the testing world. As Automation testing is creating a buzz in the society, let’s focus on a few of the top automation testing trends for 2022.


The magic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

At the rate artificial intelligence is being evolved and accepted, needless to say, it will become an eminent part of almost all the technological advancements across the globe. AI will also be one of the most preferred venture priorities in the coming years. That’s simply because it is capable of doing a lot. Not just AI, but machine learning is expected to have its high time too. And, now both AI and ML are expected to stir the world of testing too. Both of these technologies are responsible for making automation testing such a hit. Also, there is no doubt about the fact that with the integration of AI and ML, the overall quality of testing will enhance. AI will probably optimize the complete testing process. Additionally, it will even limit the test lifecycle. Therefore, AI and ML are mostly used in a wide range of testing processes, including automation and regression testing.
Security Testing will be a hit

Security is very important for any business. Also, it plays a pivotal role in the software development lifecycle. Therefore, the engineers will try everything possible to make sure that the complete process is secure. In 2022, we may say more use of the security testing techniques and tools. The main purpose of adopting security testing techniques is to reveal the vulnerabilities of the development cycle, the product or the system. The main purpose of this type of testing is to determine whether the data and resources are safeguarded or not. They have to be saved from any kind of intrusion. The main focus area is to make sure that they perform just as we would want them to perform. And, for that, we have to ensure their utmost security. There were several security breaches that happened in the previous years, and some of them were really disastrous. Therefore, the automation testing techniques will be used for checking the security condition of the system and the products as well.


Python may take the Centre stage

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence might become a very eminent part of automation testing and so will be Python. Python is a diverse language that can be used for a wide range of purposes. There is a lot that Python is capable of doing. Well, sometimes, people compare it with a Swiss knife or a duct tape, because you can do a lot with it. TensorFlow, is surely one of the most popular libraries, and it is a Python library. Python will be accepted in 2020 as a language for automation testing tools. Though, there is a lot that we need to innovate and explore more. But, 2020, might seem to be the perfect year for Python to transform the automation testing world. If you want to learn Python for 2020, and you want to step in the world of automation testing, you can definitely do that.

API Testing

API testing will become more popular in 2020. It provides a wide range of benefits to the software testing teams. It empowers the teams with the capabilities to perform tests at a great pace. So, the tests could be run faster and faster with API Testing. The complete process of identifying bugs will be less time consuming. Therefore, the problems could be fixed immediately without any hassle. There will be a lot happening in the world of API Testing in 2022. Therefore, if you want to explore more, you can do that.

API Testing involves the use of application programming interfaces (APIs). Based on the testing techniques, it is identified whether they fulfill the expectations or not. Are they dependable, secure, high performing etc.? API automation testing is being used at several different stages of the product development process.

Listed above are a few of the trends to watch out for in 2022 in terms of Automated Software Testing. Though, apart from the trends listed above, there is a lot that we can expect from the automation testing experts in 2022 and the coming years too. Like, big data testing and IoT testing will see a great upsurge too. At the same time, we will see a lot more testing experts who would want to step in the world of automation testing. Basically, automation testing is turning out to be quite useful for the testing industry.

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