Understanding the DevTestOps Journey

For the last two years, our team has hosted the Testing in DevOps Landscape Survey to take the pulse on how quality testing is evolving as adoption of DevOps grows. We turn to our dedicated community and the software development industry at large to understand how quality engineering is shaping the adoption of DevOps practices, how they champion the customer experience in a rapid development framework, and what obstacles remain in the way. 

Last year, an incredible 1,030 people with experience in QA management, testing, and development shared their insights. Their expertise resulted in an in-depth look into how test automation is elevating the voice of quality in a DevOps world. We hope you will help us again this year to collect the data we need to understand the current state and what’s changed over the past year. We are especially looking forward to learning about how teams are adapting to the global pandemic and the impact it’s had on their digital transformation objectives. 

In case you missed it, the 2020 DevTestOps Landscape Survey found that most participants were making good progress in their DevOps adoption journey, with 31% saying they were agile and 35% saying they had made strides towards DevOps. Almost one-fifth described themselves as “so DevOps it hurts.” What’s more, the 2020 survey revealed the close connection between DevOps adoption and customer satisfaction:


This year, we are increasing the focus on solving the real-world challenges of DevOps implementation, especially in a virtual world. With the customer experience front-and-center post-2020, we want to understand how DevOps practitioners are rethinking long-term quality and testing strategies, where testing takes place in the DevOps pipeline, and what the overall QA impact is on the customer. We also want to dig deeper into what challenges remain and what’s top of mind as we head into 2021. 

Your experience is valuable to us! Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey today. With your help, we look forward to learning and sharing these important benchmarks and insights early this summer.

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About the Author

Izzy Azeri

Izzy Azeri is the co-founder of mabl, the leading test automation tool built for DevOps. He co-founded mabl in 2017 with Dan Belcher after realizing that existing software testing tools were unable to support the needs of high-velocity development teams. Mabl is now the leading intelligent test automation tool for quality-centric brands like Ritual, Charles Schwab, and Arch Insurance. The company has raised over $36 million from prominent VC firms such as GV (formerly Google Ventures), Amplify Partners, CRV, and Presidio Ventures. Building mabl is at the heart of Izzy's passion for creating solutions that solve essential problems in software innovation. His previous startup was Stackdriver, a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring company that was acquired by Google just 21 months after raising its Series A funding. Izzy was then a Senior Product Manager in Google Cloud for several years where he led pricing strategy across all cloud products.
Find out more about @izzy_azeri

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