Trends In Big Data In 2018

The concept of Big Data has been around us for years. And mostly all the enterprises understood the importance of capturing all the data, apply analytics and leverage from the significance value from it. No matter what is the size of the organisation, everyone has started reaping the benefits of data analytics technology. This post will look at trends in big Data for the future.

Moreover, the whole host of benefits Big Data brings for the enterprises is something that encourages many to go for it. Some of the benefits that the Big Data and analytics bring for the companies including smarter organization, preparing the business for the future challenges, reduce the overall cost to manage large data, improved and faster decision making and more.

Alright, enough praise!!! The question is what should we expect in future from the Big Data & analytics?


What about the future of Big Data?

How Big Data will encounter different changes the year ahead?

Before we move and discuss the predictions or possible trends in 2018, let’s take a quick flashback of trends and predictions of 2017….

Well, talking about 2017, the last year was quite impressive considering the market growth of Big Data and Analytics. In 2017, Big Data was no more a buzzword and many companies have shifted to data-driven approach and focused on agility in the use of big data analytics capabilities. Moreover, many amendments and predictions made including:

  • Adoption of Artificial Intelligence
  • Incorporation of IoT
  • Increasing role of cloud
  • More of security and privacy




Okay, but what about 2018? Let’s find out where Big Data will be headed in the coming years and a few predictions or trends everyone must watch-out the year ahead!

  • IoT continues to be a game changer this year too!

Like 2017, the Internet of Things will become a game changer in 2018 as well! With the ever-rising count of smartphone and tablet users, companies have started investing more in IoT to capture the data they require to plan their strategy. The touchscreen era and its influence on the consumers as well as on the business have put IoT in the front row. And its impact will be remarkable on Big Data in the coming years.

No matter what is the nature of your business or what is the size of business, if you want to reap the benefits of Big Data in the future, start adapting the concept of IoT.

  • Machine Learning is the next BIG thing for Big Data in 2018!!!

The machine learning is experimental yet most promising in the near future. Exceptional growth in neural networks and specialized hardware for the machine learning has shown great potential in recent years. Of course, not everyone is going use machine learning, but it can be considered as a new capability we can impose on businesses generating massive data today.

One of the most recent examples of machine learning is Google’s chess computer, which has beaten the best chess computer in the world! There is no denying not everyone can compete with Google, but we can at least give a thought in this direction and can leverage from this rapidly growing technology in the Big Data strategy ahead.

  • It will be all about the Analytics only!

Well, one of the USPs of big data is its ability to handle gigabytes of data and processing the data in a speedy way. Of course, it is the best thing people within the enterprise can achieve and leverage from. But most of them are just considering the wow factor of big data that is to handle a large amount of data and fail to understand what more they can do with it.

Looking at the current trend, many giant organizations will enter into big data in 2018 and all they have to do is to think from the other perspective – “Analyzing the big data”. And they’ve to show how analyzing the data can make a difference and bring more benefits to their business.




  • The rise of Business Intelligence

The capabilities of business intelligence have increased the faith of many organizations in past few years. Considering the importance of data analytics, we cannot ignore the soul of it – business intelligence. In past couple of years, the business intelligence and data analytics have become interchangeable. And when it comes to analyzing data, BI plays a vital role in decision making.

In the year ahead, while machine learning becomes more mature, the line between artificial intelligence and business intelligence will be even more blur!




  • Streamlined Document Management will be the need of everyone in 2018!

With gigantic data generation every day, efficient document management is a key point for the enterprises to carry out their business smoothly. Moreover, as compared to the earlier years, in 2018, the enterprises will generate extra five bytes of data after every second day. This means the numbers will be quite higher and unexpected!

The advanced analytics and artificial intelligence brings the immense capability to handle a large amount of incoming data, but are they flexible enough to accommodate and streamline data received from a wide range of sources? Well, it is a crucial thing and in 2018, it will be important to know how flexible AI and analytics can be to manage and organize a large amount of data.

It is time to focus on Historic Data

While the volume of data increasing exponentially and big data can help you accommodate all of them. But what about the historical data, which you captured long back in the system? Do you think it is digitized? Or it is going to be stored as it is rest of the life? Well, we’re upgrading every year and try to experiment various things for the betterment of our business. But this year, it is time for you to give a thought to the historic data and digitize them.

It will help you figure-out recurring trends and product cycles. This will at the end help you make more precise predictions for the future of your business.


Final Verdict

There is no denying that the trends discussed above are going to rule the Big Data world in 2018. However, apart from these trends, we should also focus on the cloud data warehouse and their limitations in the future. Also, we will have to focus on cybersecurity domain in the future and have to put extra efforts to make it more powerful and efficient to secure a large amount of data received from various sources.

Do you have any other predictions that will raise the temperature in the world of Big Data in 2018? Or you have a second thought on the trends we discussed? Hit the comment and let’s discuss it further!

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