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Software Testing Quiz – Artificial Intelligence

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Reading Time: 1 minute

We at EuroSTAR Huddle enjoy quizzes, treasure hunts and many other cool and interactive games.

Today we decided to dig a little bit deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence. How well do you know about it? Care to take the test?

Good Luck!

Artificial Intelligence_Huddle


Deep Blue was the first computer to beat a reigning world chess champion. Which Russian did Deep Blue beat in May 1997?

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What would print (10 + 16) produce?

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One of the early artificial intelligence programming languages was one that sounds like it might have a speech impediment. Which language is this?

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Computer games employ a form of artificial intelligence that mimics human decision-making capabilities. What is the name for these 'skillful' systems?

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A syntax errors means you have an error with your python program or a symbol/operator is incorrectly used.

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When you have an error in your code what is the term to summarize finding and fixing that error?

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Artificial Intelligence Quiz
1 Correct Answer
Ouch, just one correct answer. Try harder!
0 Correct Answers
No correct answers. Artificial Intelligence beat you!
2 Correct Answers
2 Correct Answers, Keep Trying!
3 Correct Answers
Three our of six correct answers. You know bits and pieces about AI. Keep trying!
4 Correct Answers
4 out of 6 correct answers. Want to try again?
5 Correct Answers
Nearly all correct answers!
6 Correct Answers!
Wow, You know your things! AI Genius in the house!

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