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Our weekly round-up is here and reveals the juiciest software testing news! Every week we are scanning the online world for freshly baked news in the software testing category. We then pile them up into one blog post and publish it for you. Sounds great doesn’t it? We did all the heavy lifting for you, so you can save time. Here are the top picks:

Neural Network Fundamentals | James D. McCaffrey

James is an experienced software engineer and in his blog you will find plenty of useful and technical topics. In his latest blog post he writes about his recent talk which was intended to be an absolute introduction to neural networks. In case you missed it, no worries, he wrote it all down!
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Challenges in Mobile Testing | Mobile Application Testing

The current Smartphone market is three times bigger than the PC market and it doesn’t seem to stop growing . Mobile Application Testing is becoming increasingly important for many companies. In this article written by Boby for EuroSTAR, you will discover a number of challenges related to a variety of devices, screen sizes and resolutions.

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Are Some of Us Doing it Wrong? | PriorsWorld

When talking about an innovative solution to move the industry forward, Simon disagrees that everyone is already doing it. He later reveals that there is a huge amount of innovative people in the software testing community with great ideas who still follow waterfall with a team of dedicated QA who write hundreds of manual test cases. Does that make them bad testers because they don’t follow innovation?

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6 Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018 | Huddle

In 2018 the Artificial Intelligence trends show that it will become an even bigger market differentiators as we move through 2018 and beyond. In this article written fro EuroSTAR you can find out the top Artificial Intelligence trends to look at this year.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Testing Group | The Life of One Man

Not only is this blog worth following, but this article can give you great tips on how to improve your testing group. The author shares his experience and challenges he had when managing a testing group. Once you understand the 3 ways, they can help you guide your own test process

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